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Repell the Enemy Forces Event (raid event)
My best roll has been a Blaster Venus A with an A Rank.
I sold her for 20 S-chips and 1 SS-Chip.

My Rank is at 5.

(07-07-2017, 09:47 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: That was fast. I only played that once.
So we get a limit break crystal and a Taiki unit?
You are getting 3 OMG, I'm getting nothing.... nothing...
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
And the Event is Over!! That was quick didn't even last 1.5 days.

Final Rank is 8. I made it to the Top 10.

[Image: tXV4XZK.png]
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Over??? I havent tried the space one! Sad
Man, it finished while I was asleep, I'm only 507.
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the smart thing was deploy waves of attackers on the gunbuster enemies, they where a lot weaker than the underground empire ones
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