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Ideal World
What's up with the Astray units, they can turn into taikis and have the same symbol that the Kisaragi and Sakura Taisen units have.
Looks like I'm not using up my OMG Crystals for this event. Saving up for something good sometime in the future, whatever it is. Big Grin
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Get it to level 70 and your reward is the Taiki version. Was aiming for Blue Frame but got Red in the 7 pull. Oh well..
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Story will be here, i will only update it, first of all, I'm very sick all the week, so don't expect much help from me on this event,but i will try to play when i'm feeling at least "alive" like now Smile

the event stars with Kira Yamano remembering Lacus words to him about not being only the power or not only the will that would grant his wish, she goes on talking about how fighting brings more fighting, them Kira suddenly thinks about his final showdown with his friend (that happen offscreen on the game), and wake to be rescued by Lowe Guile.

Lowe is a junker, he travels from place to place collecting things that can be usable so he can sell them latter, Kira thanks Lowe and ask for his friend, Lowe answers that only Kira was there no one else, but they got no time to chat Dragons are coming to this island, Kira don't know what Lowe is talking about until he realizes that its real dragons, Lowe enter combat with the dragons and receive help of Ange and her crew, after everything is settled Mina appears.

i left my unit there to help you people that didn't used the banners, i will try to max level her while i'm feeling less bad.


Hilda is asking if anyone already heard about MS fighting togheter with dragons, she don't think is possible, Fleur can't do much against her odds and Saila interferes, Lowe confirms that Red Frame weapons can't hurt the things for good, but they have bigger problems now, that is Mina, she is giving a fight vs everyone there.

Mina evade Lowe attack and he goes down, Vivian is up next, while on it Fleur being intelligent decides to fix Lowe problems by giving him ways to flight for that she uses the alelujah to give him support and it does work, he hits the Gold Frame that finally retreats, everyone its pretty beaten up now, Ange will not take this one for bed, and decides to follow mina.
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(07-01-2017, 12:20 AM)srw785 Wrote: What's up with the Astray units, they can turn into taikis and have the same symbol that the Kisaragi and Sakura Taisen units have.

Much like the Sakura Wars units, they're designed such that you get the Taikis at level 70.

One of my friends already has a Powered Red at 75, but honestly I expect that nowadays.
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Kinda want to do at least 1 full step since I have 400 crystals. But kinda want to wait till next Thursday to see what next week's unlocks are.
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WTF they gave Fleur a carappy special that does no damage and didn't give her a regular one to make up for it Angry
Are you kidding, Fleur Hissatsu is the best thing ever. At least in Arena. +100 hit rate, ignore bunshin, nerfs attack by 20% and evasion by 50%. RIP Huckebein.
According to the most recent story mission, Rom Stol is working with the Cross Ange people.

SRW is magical and contains many things that you didn't realize you wanted until you get it, I just wanted to say.
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I did a full stepup, got the blue frame.
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