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Apologies on downtime
Received a ton of PMs on FB and Twitter plus a few admin e-mails lol SRWG was down because of a MySQL database error. As soon as I was first informed by Khrys I immediately filed a ticket and host told me that it usually just takes a click of the repair database button.

Did it and voila! We're back! 

Again, sorry for this booboo! You may now proceed to your normal programming!
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Good to see this up and running.
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I didn't spam your FB mail, Daba. But it's good that the forum is back on. Big Grin
Site being unaccessible brings back traumatic past for us members

Thanks boss
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Good to know we're back in action.
Thanks for the update, glad that it came back so quickly.
Don't sweat the small stuff. We were only down for like a day, that's not too bad altogether.
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Thanks guys. I'm worked up at downtime after the way Bluehost treated us last year. NEVER AGAIN.
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Glad to see things back to normal. I believe I only sent you one message about it via Steam. ^^b
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