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Apologies on downtime
Received a ton of PMs on FB and Twitter plus a few admin e-mails lol SRWG was down because of a MySQL database error. As soon as I was first informed by Khrys I immediately filed a ticket and host told me that it usually just takes a click of the repair database button.

Did it and voila! We're back! 

Again, sorry for this booboo! You may now proceed to your normal programming!
[Image: 1xgs6Oy.gif]

Good to see this up and running.
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I didn't spam your FB mail, Daba. But it's good that the forum is back on. Big Grin
Site being unaccessible brings back traumatic past for us members

Thanks boss
Mega Nutrients
Good to know we're back in action.
Thanks for the update, glad that it came back so quickly.
Don't sweat the small stuff. We were only down for like a day, that's not too bad altogether.
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Thanks guys. I'm worked up at downtime after the way Bluehost treated us last year. NEVER AGAIN.
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Glad to see things back to normal. I believe I only sent you one message about it via Steam. ^^b
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