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.hack//G.U. Last Recode
Yeah, kind of weird to do a digital only especially for a game that is a HD collection especially on the PS4. Most other HD collections are available physically nowadays. But atleast it got done.

It wouldn't even make sense to go digital only for the US which got the original games and physical for EU which never got it in the 1st place...
... sometimes I feel like the only guy that went completely digital.
It feels simply nice buying a Game I got my Eye on at work, installing it remotely and then simply start playing when I get home without ever so much as touching my Wallet.
While I understand the strengths of going digital there are a few problems with that:

1. Space, some of these games take up a LOT of space and the HDD will be filled up in no time. Meaning you'll have to rely on USB harddrives or upgrade the internal PS4 hard drive. Having a physical version of a game reduces the install atleast...

2. Internet, some people have slower/less reliable speed depending on where they live, especially to download GBs.

3. Borrowing from/lending the game to a friend.
I don't expect everyone going digital (for reasons you pointed out) but I often wonder if it's still a niche thing (even in my country with it's pretty good Network).
Though having a Physical Disc don't seem to safe much HDD Space these days since many Games need an Install to properly play.
The other 2 Points are defintely Issues though, I remember in the States for example people actually have a GB per Month Limit or something right?
On a side note a 1TB Drive in my PS4 gets me surprisingly far, I think it's half full now.

I think one of the main Advantage is for people like me who heavily enjoy imports, just use a User with it's homestore set to the Country you want Games in, then buy PSN Cards and just buy them.
Much faster than delivering and no risk of SUDDENLY STUCK IN CUSTOMS Smile
The problem with Digital, is that if I spend a large amount of money on something, I want something I can physically hold, and use whenever I want. With Digital it's the same as buying Virtual currency items. You'll only own said digital games as long as they exist on the network. If they get taken down and you want to redownload them, or your PSN accounts gets stolen, or you forget the passoword to it or the email you used to make it, you're screwed out on everything digitally you ever bought.

That's why I always go physical especially always for import.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
The argument about Install Size no longer apply, because all PS4 games now installs, and roughly takes up the same space as digital version. Of course, you can delete them with no problem and the game will re-install itself when you inserted the disc, but there's another problem of updates...
@Top Nep, while I agree that for some People that holding the physical Copy in your hands is a thing that feels good but if that Disc gets lost/damaged in any way the Game is gone too (Dogs, Cats, Stupid Roommates :p).
To be honest I think if you're careful it is far more likely that someone kicks in your Door and robs your Place than you losing your Online Accounts ... emphasis on careful.

... then again I might be rather overcareful in that regard, I use dedicated Mail Accounts for my PSN Accounts, Steam uses a Different one and I use 2 Factor Authentification everywhere where possible (along with very long Passwords).
Even my Games aren't save, I do a Monthly Backup on my NAS with RAID 5 and a few Spares.
Volume 4 confirmed

[Image: DGIeT-EUMAIMzXD.jpg]
Hmm... based on the picture shown, looks like its related to Ovan (already a major plot character), Vol 3 already ended on a pretty final note but I'm very happy to see more things left. Might be a new epilogue, unlike that dumb Returner anime OVA/ep...
Hey guys we gotta rescue Ovan in his frozen state while he has turned into Top Nep.

Needs more detail design for 5th form though.

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