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.hack//G.U. Last Recode
Kind of ironic considering EU never got the GU PS2 games released there...
Yeah ... those Games got released at a Time where the EU usually got shafted HARD.
I usually had to import and play it on my modded PS2
HYPE IS REAL -cartwheels-

Can't wait to play it on the PC (.... I DID see PC confirmed in that trailer... right?) Actually even an article confirmed this. I really hope they're not doing that for formalities. Though who am I kidding, the entire Naruto fighting game series is on Steam already.
Oh yeah, PC version was announced with PS4 during its reveal. That was a big hint this was going to be localized in the West. JP gamers to my knowledge don't play console games on PC compared to actual consoles.

Plus Namco Bandai is actually on the forefront putting more JP games on PC, they are one of the companies leading the charge for PC ports.
Actually that would be Compile Heart and Idea Facotry. Bamco basically just bandwagon jumped.
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Really? I thought Bamco did it earliest with Dark Souls and Enslaved compared to Idea Factory... Ok then, Bamco is one of the biggest companies putting JP games on PC.
Those were always planned to have a PC release, and yet those PC releases were trash until fans patched them.

IF/CH were the first ones to really get it started, after some fans asked them if they could bring the old Neptune games to steam, to which the higher ups said "Fuck it, why not". The major thing is that they started creating steam versions of their OLDER games, such as the Vita exclusive Rebirth titles and now PS4 versions. As well as their various other series. Where as Bamco simply tried to release multiplat.

Falcom and Marvelous using Exceed eventually also started doing the same, not making PC versions of Sen no Kiseki, the Senran games, etc.

Bamco's thing was that they were the ones to start doing Asia English language versions, albeit half assedly. Even then, it was just a minor thing with SAO. It wasn't until Koei Techmo released DOAX3 and told the SJ mongrels and the Marie Rose haters to go fuck themselves, that Bamco and other companies realized that there really was a market for people who are willing to import a game in english, and they didn't have to deal with the liscensing fees, SJWs, and other BS.
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Bamco also has more IPs and genres to bring to PC, IF/CH mostly have J-RPGs. Plus Bamco is also doing same day PC releases as the console versions. The other companies usually wait for it because they have less resources/less staff for it.

But in the end, more choices are available and more money to be made for PC releases and get a bigger audience. Although with Bamco releasing games in the US, there might be licensing fees for certain music... like vocal tracks in Gundam games...

I'm actually gonna take a break from IF/CH games for a while... I'm getting burned out from the repetition and kind of mediocre games from them lately.... Fairy Fencer F Dark Force was the last game I liked from them. Nep VII was alright. I kind of regret getting Dark Rose Valkyrie.
Update: There will be a physical version coming out in the US for the PS4.
Someone leaked the info a few days ago that they were planning an announcement at Sdccc. Apparently they made the choice at the last Second because there was a lot of outrage from fans that Euro gets physicals and not the west.
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