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.hack//G.U. Last Recode
He said he'd want to make it happen and that he would lead and pitch the project, but that he's need a large fan support. He mainly wants to spear head it because Monolithsoft can't do it anymore as Bamco sold off the team.
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Yep, but I think he could do it, he's involved with a bunch of games, even some that don't really sell that well like Project X Zones games. IMO I think a HD remaster of the Xenosaga games could work, but I'm not sure how many people would want it...

Maybe if this .hack GU remake does well, it might encourage Namco Bandai to do a Xenosaga HD collection too.

Although if they do, I doubt there would be anything new considering the team that made it is gone, so it'll probably just end being a HD port with trophies...
The problems is that unlike Xenosaga, all 4 original games, and all 3 GU games were fully planned out since day one before they started, and all 4 stayed exactly the same as far as being games go. The only things that changed between them was the new story content and new areas, but those areas, items, etc were already in the data for the first volumes.

The problem with Xenosaga is nothing was planned beyond each individual games. Not even the story. Much less the game engines, mechanics, characters, etc. Even the writing was changed from Soraya Saga, who was the key writer on Xenosaga (WAS, till she got screwed over hard by Monolithsoft) originally had entirely different things planned out, but. The incidents happened over a decade ago, but basically, just a FEW were

- Soraya and Tetsuya Takahashi were marginally involved in the Episode II by contributing the first version of the script. (It was not a plot outline but a complete script including actual characters' lines.)

- Soraya's last contribution to the saga was the first version of the script for the Episode II and rewrites of The Pied Piper. (The game for Vodafone sold in Japan 2004)

- The shortened/adapted script of the Episode II is by Monolithsoft.

- You can see Soraya's mark she left to the Episode II in:

- The conversation between Juli and Ziggy

- Momo Encephalon (In first version, It was not Juli's idea of destroying Momo's memory, but a subcommitteeman's. Juli hesitated.)

- The story about U.R.T.V. (with the exception of the chapters after Momo Encephalon and young Albedo's verbal abuse/violent acts against Sakura. They were added by Monolithsoft.)

- Albedo's short speech about the higher dimension. (His last words "You look like you lost your sweetheart ... anyway I hate you both" were added by Monolithsoft.)

- Soraya doesn't know what the story of the Episode III will be like. The new writer of the Episode III will write a new story in his style. (The chapters after Momo Encephalon and Disc 2 are his style.)

- The new team has the right to change or ignore Takahashi's plot outline.

- Soraya and Takahashi have been willing to help the new team if requested.

- Soraya can not comment on Takahashi's current status.

- Soraya wrote approximately half of of the script for the Episode I. She is responsible for: Ziggy and his family, Voyager, Momo, Mizrahis, Godwins, Yuriev, U.R.T.V.s, and the part of Shion during her stay in Durandal and the Kookai Foundation

- Soraya is not an expensive artist.

- Soraya has created no delay.

- The parent company (Namco) is not responsible to the changeover.

- The Episode II had the same amount of budget as the Episode I.

- The first version of the script by Soraya and Takahashi was not religiously or politically sensitive. It had just harmless chapters like:

o Ziggy's past history (as seen in The Pied Piper)

o U.R.T.V.'s past history (as seen in the Episode II)

o Shion's past history with Febronia (removed)

o Jr's rapid growing (removed)

o Both juvenile and grown-up Jr. switching available in the battle (removed)

o The ghost of the old Miltia (removed)

o The death of Sakura (removed)

o Brief reunion with grown-up Citrine (removed)

o Gaignun vs Zohar emulators (removed)

o Jr.'s transformation/overdrive (removed)

o Jr. & Albedo vs U-DO vs KOS-MOS 3rd armament (removed)

o Shion's spiritual seeking/witnessing/awakening (removed)

o The truth about KOS-MOS (removed)

o Conversation between chaos and the red cloak man (removed)

o Conversation between Nephilim and the boy with the blocks (removed)

o An antimatter annihilation of Albedo (removed)

• Removed chapter/events were rejected/deleted subjects. It's highly unlikely to be shown in the future Episode.

• Soraya has no intention of playing for attention. No one has to pay attention to this.

• Soraya has no option to come back. And she knows well the saga no longer needs Saga.

A message from Soraya:

Thank you all who sent us heartwarming messages. I loved the Xeno universe and its wonderful fan base, that's what I'll miss the most. Forget about good old days and enjoy whole new saga.

Best wishes.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Yeah, that info I knew somewhat about, but that shouldn't get in the way of a possible straight HD remake/collection... I think? I highly doubt anything could and would be added considering the team that made it is gone.
It might, if Bamco doesn't have all the assets and original source code to the games. if it ever does happen, it'll most likely be

A: Be remade entirely from scratch and B: Each game will be their own remake, not all 3 combined the way Last Recode is.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Yep, new form confirmed.

English version also confirmed this year so that's good.
Thanks to Nep for telling me on twitter, those aren't new forms, but rather re-designs/updated designs of Haseo's forms.

Also, dual language confirmed.
As far as we knew it's just a redesign of his phase 2 outfit, They could throw one in, but theres no confirmation yet of any new form, much less a reason to since Xth form barely had enough screen time as is. While a few things are being added, it's doubtfull they would make an entirely new form that doesn't look unique to begin with.

It also matches the more regal look of phase 2 from when he became empreor, as well as the weapon being the 2 handed sword that only unlocks when his Multi-weapon class reaches form 2.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Digital only release in US. Europe will get physical release.

It's always th same. EU gets the physicals, special, and collectors editions of pretty much everything, while NA doesn't get jack shit.
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