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.hack//G.U. Last Recode
YES, DEAR GOD YES! I've waited 10 years for this.
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Tried to get into the .hack series around the time of the PS2 era, but I was never sure where exactly to begin. Do the games follow the continuity of the series, or some of them standalone?

Also, where does this game fit in with the story?
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GU fits in 7 years after the original Dot Hack Quarantine , one of the major characters, Endurance is actually Elk from the original games.
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you've been staked.
The big returner was Sora from .hack//Sign as Haseo .

Orders wise it's Original's -> G.U. -> Link
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Link was sadly never translated though i admit from what I saw it looked ... weird.
Wasn't there suppoesd to be some kind of fighting game too? Guess that died.

Oh and Day 1 buy, I loved the GU Games Smile
There was a fighting game, but it only came bundled with the CG movie that starred another Kite Clone, its a small game which didn't really make any splashes and wasn't that good either. Only had a few characters too.

Apparently this game is registered with EU trademark, so that means a likely localization as well as for NA too, especially considering there is a PC version too which pretty much geared towards western gamers. This is also the 1st time EU people will be able to play the game as the original PS2 GU games never came out there...

This game has a good number of extra things, one of which is a new form for Haseo not present in the PS2 games. Although I wonder if its the white form from the 4th GU novel that looks quite similar to his 3rd form... I highly doubt its the BST form from the GU CG movie.
The games were

-.hack// (original 4)

-.hack//Frägment (PS2 online game)

-.hack//G.U. (Rebirth, A Voice of You, At Walking Distance)


-.hack//Versus (Takes place a few years after Link, (Yes, it's canon) as can be seen by Tokio/9 now having aged significantly. (He doesn't use a PC, that's his actual body inside the game hence the aging)

-The shitty mobile game
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

Have fun reading it, Ovan. I know you're the most excited about this out of all of us.
Aye, I saw a translation erview a while earlier on 4chan.

Overall, I've wanted this for 10 years now. Now all I need left is my Xenosaga remaster with all 3 games using the ep.3 designs. And we're done.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Hell yeah, I'm happy for this remaster/HD version too.

IIRC, I remember Harada, the Producer of the Tekken series, mentioning a few years ago he'd be interested in making a Xenosaga HD collection. So there is a possibility that might still happen.

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