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Kingdom Hearts 3
My less judging mind thinks this might have been an attempt to counter ... well early releases but there is still your point that this would suck for people without network.
Trophy list leaked
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you've been staked.
This release might be the one that does it.

This release might be the one that convinces Square Enix to fire Nomura.

I am crossing my fingers for that outcome.
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^Is Kingdom Hearts 3 that bad or what?
Like have the goddamn list is mini games.....

They won't fire him because he's literally the only big name they have left. Everyone else left. Tabata was starting to become well known for doing what he could to save FF XV, but he left now as well. Nomura is definitely the source of a lot of produciton issues though. He just wants to insert himself into as many projects as possible, that everything starts coming down to a crawl. Ironically because of that, he can never be fired without affecting anything major they're working on. This is what happens when they let a character designer be in charge of stuff.
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