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3 Star V Parts Guide
On this event you might have been noticing that you got 25 new V-Parts, those are 3 star V-parts, are parts of a higher rarity than the 2 star ones that we have on our units right now i will re equip a unit totally to show how those works

this is my Quinn Mantha with our old 1 star V-parts
[Image: SlRSFIe.png]

as you can see for the dodge set to work i need 5 speed parts equipped on the unit those are currently 1 star parts, and here its her status bonus:
[Image: Ww5zqKo.png]

now i will make a entire new dodge set.

for that follows those steps:

- Gift box click and V-part this will open:
[Image: o14UkBZ.png]

Bellow you select what main attribute you V-part will raise:

Critical Maginfier/Critical rate/Status effects resistance/More change to apply status effects

select one, since this is a torse part i will select Armor.

clicking on one of the options up there you can also select what is this part what kit you want her for.


you know the normal kits since i will remake my dodge Quinn Mantha i will just take the speed part, you can know because the names of the kits are the same as the normal parts, so after that click on the green button and you will receive the part.
[Image: izBzPoK.png]

now i have one new V-Part i need 4 more, so i will just make them now.

now finished, here is my results with the new V-parts:
[Image: uoaWyr3.png]

as you can see the bonus status are far higher, this is probably not worth for Taiki units since their status are already absurd high and having + 1000 attack won't make much if a difference, however its pretty good on some non Taiki SSR's to bring them back into the Arena mode.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Critical Magnifier/Critical Rate/Status effects resistance/More change to apply status effects

Those are all in the wrong order.
It's Critical Rate/Critical Magnifier/Status effects/Status Resistance

As you can see 52.8%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything she touches burns.

[Image: GxjPh8d.jpg]
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My Black Serena with 3 star v parts

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