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Dragon Ball FighterZ (3vs3, Bamco x ArcSys)
^ I'd probably take out Black from that list and put Adult Gohan instead.

Meanwhile, GO1 called out SonicFox, and SonicFox accepts the challenge. This will be good!
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So in related news, Dragonball FighterZ is dead. More or less.

Basically Shueisha has now banned Dragonball FighterZ from being played and broadcast at major fighting events such as EVO and all other tournaments without paying up large amounts of cash to Shueisha because the 100 year old man running it still thinks the world is in the 20th century.
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^Well that sucks.
I never did play the full game, but considering the situation, I don't think anybody's happy with it right now.
This don't affect only FighterZ its worth to mention that its for all the DBZ games, Shueisha just wants more money even the trailers of Dokkan Battle was canceled by Bandai on their presentation this year.

well the game its not "dead" people tend to forget that games are played to be fun, if you're having fun with it who cares about tourneys being canceled? i'm not a pro player and i'm pretty distant from them, and know no one that plays this or any other fighting game professionally while hurts the game, its just "kill" it because people used to enjoy the events, that yeah are fun to watch but whatever, most of the fighting games that i play never gone to EVO they didn't stop existing because of that
Its never too late to start loving again

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While it sucks that the licensing fees are preventing this game from being in tournaments, the game is still massively popular with fighting games fans and especially Dragonball fans who actually got a good quality game compared to the usual Namco Bandai anime game that is mediocre and developed on the cheap. Tournaments are not the only reason for these games to exist. Majority of people still play at home and play against others online, more so than local versus these days.
Katsushiro Haraka from Tekken toke over Dragon Ball FighterZ he wrote a letter that he is now in charge of Soul Calibur, Tekken and Dragon Ball FighterZ Esports and tournaments and well as game development, Harada said that everything is back to normal on all these games

he will continue the tournaments and the game development, he is now the Fighting game man of Bandai Namco
Its never too late to start loving again

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