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Dragon Ball FighterZ (3vs3, Bamco x ArcSys)
Need Bulpan.
*not gonna happen.

Anyway, either we make a new thread for this, or someone changed the thread title into "The Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread" or something.
Cool that it even references moves from the old Butouden games.

By the way, I suppose it could be coincidence, but the gigantic explosions on normal ki projectiles reminds me of the big ones projectiles make in the old Dragon Ball Z 2 arcade game.
Was Hideo Kojima a weaboo? i have the impression that he is just a big game fan, a big fan of his own games to tell the truth i remember reading a interview with him where he stated that the important thing for him about creating games was creating games that fell realistic and pass some messages since those he believed that there where people out there who only communication with outside was via games, however i do know that they are all pretty proper on Japan to say that they like that dev or that other work.

i don't really know about any other famous dev save for Yoko Taro and even them i don't really know what he thinks about games, or what games do he like since he is always extremely sarcastic on his interviews.

also the lead dev of this game is a woman, but i don't really remember her name or know where she works on Askys maybe part of the Blazblue team
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

As far as I know the team that's doing this is the team that once did Persona 4 Arena
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
A weeaboo is a non Japanese person who has a super hard on for Japanese culture, Kojima is the opposite in he's probably the most western influenced japanese developer of all time. I follow him on twitter all th e time and the most Japanese stuff I've ever seen from him is all godzilla related.

Not sure why he came up though in the conversation.

As to the development team, the head of Dragonball Fighters is female, and an avid fan. Her and ArcSys favorite characters are Piccolo and Trunks, so expect the best out of those 2 especially. It helps Trunks is not only the only sword user, bit also literally Ky Kiske right down to the voice actor. Plus has an actual outfit and not just a generic 1 piece Gi.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Thing with Kojima is that he's a massive fan of films in general, especially classic and critically acclaimed movies. He takes inspirations from movies in a lot of things he does. He is also a fan of anime and other stuff like Kamen Rider and Sentai.

Although in terms of being unique, Suda51 is out there too.

But yeah, back to the topic, I really think 18 is going to be playable, gotta have some representation of female fighters. I'm coming up blank for anyone else unless they want to put Pan from GT as a guest/dream/secret character (one that doesn't have story). I doubt Videl will be playable but if Mr Satan is, maybe her too? lol

Hello, 18.
(08-22-2017, 05:19 PM)Andy Chan Wrote:

Hello, 18.

I am SO getting the collectors
so they selected #18 to be the on screen character and #17 as support? i tough that they where going to do the reverse, or insert both, but well #18 its more important to the plot anyway.

the game is shaping up pretty good
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

There's a beta test key for Asian PSN.!/en-hk/g...ket_170825

You can also grab it if you're in other Asian regions like Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, or Malaysia. (if I'm not mistaken)
I grabbed both Hong Kong and Singapore tickets.

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