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G-Generation RE (Revolution)
(07-17-2017, 08:35 PM)Wish Wrote: I am playing this game too. The problem with the previous G Gen Frontier is how they ends with one-upping the rarity of the units after a few years. Something that a long-running mobile game will do.
Like SSR->UR->FR and the highest rarity can only be gotten by paid money on gacha.

FR? "Friggin' Rare"? Smile
Freaking Rare :O
There's no heart without you
[Image: 4mVz46i.png]

i decided to give this another go, since Fate Grand/Boring have nothing happening this year and i'm already done with XOMG expect some posts this days about this game Smile
There's no heart without you
[Image: 4mVz46i.png]


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