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G-Generation RE (Revolution)

Yep, another mobage. I would assume the last one tanked that Bamco had to make a brand new one. Not impressed that the teaser trailer only used clips from past G-Gen games.

Please, Bamco, do the following for G-Gen RE:
- Easier interface. Seriously, the last one involving trading units was hell to navigate!
- Less grinding. Do what X-Omega does and give us some EXP Crystals instead
- Give non-whalers a chance. Pay-2-Win sucks, period!
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Yeah... it might be good to find an alternate strategy to make money off of this, but... the whales are the ones that spend the most money, so they are the ones that get catered to.
never tried and Grand/Order and SRWX take the time that i use on this games so i won't try.

however, i do believe that create a solid F2P community is important because if there's only people who pay heavy money the game ends up being non popular and fails hard, that happens with most Gundam mobages that i know, no one want to use money on a game that will not be around for a while.

on Xomg for example i have friends that are always getting the newer units on the maximum upgrade possible on the moment they are out, and others that are always aiming at high ranking, majority of the failed mobages seems to be

"or you play this or you live" that's a efficient way to make a game fail
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Meh, I want another console G Gen game, especially if there's a subbed version again. Last jp lang-only mobile game I played was Re:Monster and that was just too hard to keep playing without knowing the language.
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It hasn't been a year yet since G Gen Genesis, hopefully within the next few months (Tokyo Game Show?) there might be another actual G Gen game using Genesis's engine and maybe add AU series or the latter UC atleast....
I was spoiled with the original releases of G Gen, Gen Zero, and G Gen F one year after another after another. ^^ This four year wait is killing me!
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There's no heart without you
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RIP to a good franchise now that is going mobile.
There always existed G generation for mobile i believe? i know that they had one before this one, not sure of the name of the game, but i vaguely remember
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Yeah there was one that was for Japanese phones, a really old one.

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