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G-Shelf: Writings on Reconguista in G

Well, I went and did it.

G-Reco really has stayed on my mind, and it's been sort of a point of frustration for me that there's not much writing out there that really goes in-depth when this show has so much to say. So after rewatching it again (I slammed it back in a week!), I decided to put together a few thoughts. And here's the start.

I'm planning at least four or so more posts after this, and of course potentially more in the future.

...l...let me know w-what you think... ._.
Short Version:
... daaaaaaaaaaang (-.-)b

Long Version:
I say this is pretty well written, It do puts some of the stuff in the Show in Perspective (and improves my initial Perception)
well seem as most of my anime impressions cause some... bad vibes when i post i had decided to not comment but since you went trough so much trouble, i might as well do it..

before i begin,both of the articles wrote on your site by Gen and by Ono are pretty good, and i really didn't have given enough tough on the series, but its not just that, its that when i watch anime nowdays we don't really expect to go that deep on the real meaning behind every decision, we are living on the age of the moment and what its not good now, will not be good on the future, on this age is easy to not think for yourself since, if other people thinks for we can half agree with that and repeat what seems to be the "common sense".

I'm very impressed by the second write, i knew that the show was wrote on a medium form to not be easy understood, however i still don't get all the messages that Tomino wanted to pass i remember that he said that "the people who i wanted to see will not watch it", so i don't really think that it was just him trying to make us remember to look at things at all points o views, and attach the detached stories deducting what was happening, i believe that its more to G-reco than that, and that's the thing, i can't figure what's that more...

when the show ended i fell frustrated, i didn't really understood half of the characters chat, and somethings felled very weird for me, its not that i don't like anime that make we think, its just that its so rare now...

i mean what got me into mecha animes was Evangelion, and that made me think a lot, i'm eager to give this another run on the future and see if i can gasp things better knowing the nature of the show.
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(05-21-2017, 08:00 AM)Mai Wrote: well seem as most of my anime impressions cause some... bad vibes when i post i had decided to not comment but since you went trough so much trouble, i might as well do it..

Ahhh, don't worry about it. I hope nobody scares you off from saying what you want here...but I know the kind of pressure it puts out when everyone on a forum seems to gravitate towards a general opinion. I'm always glad to hear what you think here.

Thanks y'all for responding here, especially since I'm uhhh still a little bashful about putting out long form writing about unpopular robot cartoons I guess...

Anyway, I posted another article:

Protagonist's Privilege

This took...entirely too long for me to finish, but here it is. It ends up retreading some of the same territory regarding the ending, but it's from a bit of a different perspective.

Stuff I do after this will probably be shorter, buuuut I also thought I could knock this one out in a day, sssso...

By the way, I should probably be spreading this around so more people will read it, but I don't even really know where to start. I might try to do the Gundam reddit or something like that. O-of course if anyone wants to put this out there w-wherever else f-feel free ._.

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