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Our bad rolls meme Girl Event:
(05-22-2017, 07:20 PM)GXNepGear Wrote: Draw last green ticket, get Defender Getter -1, im even never use it once and it's already limit break 2 times, i kinda wish turn my defender getter 1 into SS chip since already have  attacker getter 1 -_-

Also i give up for red omega ticket, i will not made it even i will rush it until event end. T-T

Don't worry about the omega tickets, that's for people who got step-up event units. The only time it's really worth getting the high point prize is when it's a taiki for 750,000 points.
There are 3 Taiki units as reward with the red tickets.
I am at 761k should get to 1mil before the event ends.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Red omega Ticket, just dazzled the stage, giving me an SSR Movie Tauburn.
I've run out of OMG not sure I can get the last 200k points.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Sorry for the grammar


a Day already passed of Monika vacation week, she is again out today...suddenly a flash, and Anya appears taking photos of her and Cham, questioned what she is doing there, Anya is also with nothing to do so came after her, Nya don't know Anya yet so they are made friends via Monika.

~~ Battle ~~

Gain questions Orpheus if everything is going smoothly, its the last of this wave of A-Laws forces around this part of the city apparently.


They go into the city, suddenly they meet Gainer, Gain asks why he is not with Sarah and Ana, he answer that the ladies are on the city, and they arrive together with the other girls, when suddenly Monika finally recognizes that Orpheus its the pilot that defeat ther.



Monika its pretty chill about it, they chat and Orpheus go saying that he finds her charming, Monika and him goes on with casual chat when Saji arrives and "Celestial Being?" he says loud surprised of seeing Orpheus here, Orpheus change the subject quickly and Sanji follows.

~~ Battle ~~

Another day another Celestial Being intervention, Orpheus and Gain again.


Louise its worried about Monika when she realizes who Orpheus is (i'm actually not sure, however i think that this is Trailblazer Louise, with 20 years old)


Manly the girls chatting, nothing out of extraordinary save for they Anya and Monika talking about their jobs currently, and about Princess Euphemia idea for ending the war on the past and how that ended up with Louise being shoot and almost dead (so no Neena? or is she part of Britania on this?)


Monika its back after her vacation ended, she say goodbye to Nya and the others, Orpheus its not here or Gain, she is called by Princess Cordelia but the Princess herself its late for some reason, after that Charles meets her Florence its done, the unit use as basis a Alexander provided by Leila.


Cordelia finally arrives she came from battle, thing is Celestial Being is attacking Britania forces around here, and she is not pleased.., and she has some nasty plan to deal with everyone, of course Anya and Monika be deploying as well hence they are her knights after all..

~ Battle ~

on the battle Cordelia forces now have help from the Gundam f91 villains the pizza little guys, there's a problem with her plan, and that its the AI's of those things destroy anything, be it the terrorists or allies on the field, and if some of them arrive on the city it will probably kill people there, Cordelia is not happy to have to deploy those, apparently she seems forced.


Monika its shocked and don't know what to do, she is a knight hence she should obey her Princess and regent, however she also has a sense of duty with these people, Cham wakes up Monika from her deep tough and she finally decided to do something.

Final chapter

Gainer its hit, and Orpheus and co are being pressured, the enemies numbers are too vast, Sara screams that some of them entered the city! Gain scream "boss!" and Orpheus follow them

on the city Louise has bad memories about this situation and panics, Saji can't do much only hold her niece, a single mechanic monster pass, Orpheus dashes on the city with his knightmare frame, upon saying that Louise screams "war!.."

Orpheus can't reach the thing, when it suddenly blows, and Monika appears on the Florence, Anya is there with the Mordred as well, Cham is on Monika's cockpit, and they recognize Orpheus machine.

Monika declares her position asking for the KMF frame pilot to identify himself, he don't answer instead runs

Monika ask for Anya help, and follow Orpheus to clean the city.

and the day is saved.

Your Reward:
[Image: jybfNLo.png]
Thanks for the translation as always, Mai.
FGO (NA): 006,634,728
Yeah, Louise and Saji are their 00 A Wakening incarnations.
X-O Friend ID:  186471287
Thanks Mai.
I had to spend 5 OMG for 10 AP Potion's, as I ran out of S-Chips. (Got 3 left)
And finally got to 1 million points rank is 1372, I'll try and stay within the top 2000.

My 8th Red Omega Ticket gives me a SSR XAN... well level 65 now time to unlock its next ability.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Good luck, thebigb!
I've stopped doing the event after reaching 100k, and just grinding for levels for now using that 30AP mission. ;d

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