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What anime are you currently watching?
Happy Ann its freaking funny people give it a try XD

also Luluco already ended :| they should have made it a regular show its great as well
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(04-10-2016, 11:46 AM)Kicksville Wrote: I remember the translator on Ideon from that sub group being really gung-ho about the whole project back then, really wanting to share the show with other people so it'd no longer be "that anime people bring up when they want to stick it to Evangelion nerds even though they've never seen it or care about it at all". It's a shame they weren't as good as they could be.

There is someone resubbing Ideon, but it's been (understandably) slow going. Good thing it's happening at all, though. I do hope maybe someone'll go back and resub that first half of L-Gaim too, or even better, maybe it'll get licensed one day. Pleeeease?

I watched some of that guy's subs; his are much better. I noticed a few things I would have translated differently but nothing blatantly wrong like the Shin Getter subs have. It's too bad he's not planning on doing the movies -- that's a project I might consider if I could get a text script (I'm not going to translate just by listening to the dialogue over and over).

EDIT: I watched about 5 minutes of A Contact on youtube and the subs seemed fine, so maybe that's not necessary.
(04-10-2016, 11:46 AM)Kicksville Wrote: The same sub group that worked on Ideon also did the first half of L-Gaim - I don't know that it was the same translator though. I didn't notice anything off about Ideon at the time, but that was probably only because I didn't know any better.

No, I don't think that was Quiddity (I think that was the Ideon tler's name). I think only him and whoever was the guy that did Zambot was were the regular translators for the group (anyone else would just do a little bit and leave). In fact, Shin Getter wasn't even much of a group, besides the translator it was just me and Prons since everyone left us on our own pretty early on.
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I watched Ideon: Be Invoked last night. It was pretty awesome; it deserves all the hype it gets.

Unfortunately the rest of the series isn't anywhere near as good. A Contact is unacceptable since it cuts way too much of the story out, but the main series is too slow moving and has too much filler. This would have worked well as a 26 episode series, I think, with the first 22 episodes being the first 38 episodes of the anime, and then Be Invoked as the last 4.

Next up is Macross 7.
I've seen about 13 eps of Macross 7. Not as good as the original -- the main problem is that this doesn't need to be 49 episodes. There's too much stock footage and repetitiveness, and the battles are poorly animated. Often it's hard to tell what's happening because it's just a bunch of stock shots of mechs firing randomly and things blowing up.
(That is one of the reasons why I dislike Macross 7. The other is Basara.)

Might as well be honest in this topic and admit that I am looking forward to Love Live Sunshine. Like I have said elsewhere, '90s me and '00s me would have a lot of questions to ask the current me about my taste in everything.
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I forgot we have this thread.
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Haven't got to watch these season's shows yet as I'm downloading Street Fighter V stuff... but I'm also looking forward to Love Live Sunshine and the Zestiria anime.

Playing catch up from last season: Hundred, Kabaneri, Mahotsukai Precure
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Watched the first episode of Berserk 2016....
Why?...... What have they done?... Never thought it could be so bad.

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