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T2: Judgment Day 3D

Hasta La Vista, Baby!
Very cool.

T2 is one of the best films ever made, definitely on my top 10 list. A real shame the later Terminator films all went downhill.

Now I wonder if something like this will be done for The Matrix. The first one. Screw the others.
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There are other Matrix Movies? You must be imagining things.
And yeah second on T2, that Movie was incredible for it's Time, the later especially rub me the wrong way since they ruin the happy ending of T2 ... such stuff is my personal Pet teeve.
I agree 1st Matrix is best Matrix with likeness to real world dilemma. Matrix 2 is just a plain movie sequel to the first and the third simply destroyed all the idea. With the exception of Smith's ascension.

On topic, I'd love to see that T2 remaster even on 1080 2D. It looks very crisp.
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