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Eureka Seven + AO Event ~ "Rainbow on the blue sky"
It seems like it was harder this time to drop complete some of the missions. It feels like I had to spend at least double the amount of AP to get all the green tickets this time versus last time.

Some of the 3/4 drops on loot list were absolutely stubborn as hell.
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I had extreme trouble with one mission and normal trouble with the rest. Seems to just be that asshole called random chance.

Last ticket I need is the one for maxing the SSR, I want to get my last two SRs for free and not spend yellow tickets on them.
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i still need to buy those 2 green tickets from the shop

~ Ao Character Quest Episode 1~

Ao its talking with Blanc (the name of the character its read on Japanese as Furea Buran, so i think, that they used Flair Blanc or Flaur I'm not certain i watched AO on Japanese so i don't know, its the blonde girl with the blue pilot suit i will refer to her as Blanc from now on) about her suggestion about training together on a simulator, so he can get better at piloting the Nirvash and get more on it.

Elena also thinks that's a great idea, Blanc want to make sure that they are on 100% for the next job, They get into training.

Also AO characters are from other timeline by the theys arrived on this one by some stuff that i don't remember (wtf i don't know), and not Asahi e Co that was send to AO world, basically they time traveled, by Ao plot that's not a surprise, AO fights some MB Orb on the training.

After the training Ao its not satisfied with his results he failed to shoot down some units, Helena its always happy go lucky and Blanc begin to explain from where those machines are.

i will do more of this and Renton's latter, since i'm still leveling the units, at this point we can assume that Blanc will turn into Wako 2.0 and never get a playable unit, maybe i will do Uso character quest latter on.

Event plot resume

Blanc and Ao are scouted by Holand to Gekko State, Ao its searching for his mother Eureka, that its missing for some time now, he knows that its his mother, however he don't know exactly why she is here, so he assumes that its her original world, Quattre and Duo are on a mission to reunite them for some reason that i don't got.

Duo got his MS fixed by Quattre company, and Duo also joins Gekko State (but he is paid aside like some mercenary job), they fight do some odd jobs, and the turning point its when Uso its asked to test his new Gundam the V2, however before they can do anything with it, Eureka Seven Ao villain steals the unit, Ao finally decides to board the Nirvash in persuit, Duo also goes.

They are overpowered by the strange guy and V2, when they meet Heero that save them against a lot of grunts, (but he don't really stays for long), after this we get a scene from Renton and Eureka reuniting again.

On the way back Ao finds Anemone who tutor him on some tricks and weird motivational stuff, since he sucks at piloting this thing (so Anemone survived her event? nice find)

Blanc has her unit the Aleluia but like Wako she is not playable but a support coin
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I'm also stuck at Quest 21-30's drop. Some of them legit won't drop. Sad
ditch point bonus friends and get sousuke friends or you will never get them i was in the same situation
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PSA: The Skip Passes in the chip shop restock each day.
And got all the units from this event on a full step up, currently on ZERO OMGS, reviews of the Taikis as soon as i can level them at least to 65 this can take a while since we are having the fighter map crystals today.

thks srw785 i didn't knew that the passes refill
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