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Animes that seems like everyone minus you saw, lets fix this?
Hello people \o

there's always this anime that you always heard about but never ever had the change to watch it, or even invested time in watching it right? well i have tons of those.

yeah you heard it right, besides being a SRW fan, i never was too invested in anime i watch a show or two/section and call it done, on the past it was really hard to find time to watch something, now as we grow up we get some more time since we begin to work and marry, and have to stay home for some time\day and stuff.

despite all that there was numerous shows that i never watched! i began to watch some Gundam shows i got them totally out of order first, but i got Zeta Gundam before the original Gundam, in fact i never watched the original Gundam, there's many many Gundam shows that i never watched, so many that i shouldn't even be saying something about having no Gundam shows to watch.

nowdays i bet that some of us have at least 2 hours or so for free time i made my math and i have like 4 a day! between Gym, housework and normal work so i decided to watch a mecha show that i never watched before G Gundam.

this will be my first, after this i plan to watch Dunbine, you guys have some blacklog of old mecha shows to watch?
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I have Zanbot 3, which I think I would never had a chance to watch. I did finish Dunbine back then.
Then there's Cross Ange. And a lot more I don't remember.
ZZ Gundam is one of those I think I watched the first couple episodes and gave up on and I'm reconsidering that. Aldnoah Zero and Comet Lucifer are a lot more recent, but ones I want to watch.
I've been watching Mobile Fighter G Gundam on a daily basis and now i'm on to ep 10

strangely I'm liking it, the show concept its pretty easy to digest and follow, i also liked the art, that stile of art don't got in the way, its pretty fun to watch everything draw on hand, there's some tropes that are funny, but there's something on that show... some strange charm that i can't explain, maybe its because i saw Domon and Rain so many times over the years on so many SRW games and never bothered to watching their show, or maybe there's really something special that makes you see those weird moments over and over again, like Domon skills on hiding the Shining Gundam all over the place lol

also the way the show is structured fells like the most absurd things are "normal Territory" and while the script its strange, the direction on the episodes are fenomenal, even the most filler episode fell somewhat satisfying to watch.

clearly a show for kids/teens, but its smartly comprehensible and easy going, and the most important its fun!

i recommend G Gundam to you if you don't watched yet its a really good classic mecha show
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Already watched G Gundam. It's one of the more fun Gundam shows I ever watched.
Would love to see more Domon than Destiny in SRW. Big Grin
I haven't watch it yet myself, i was planning to watch it after V Gundam (which have been n the wait fr so many years now) i think i will go ahead and start G Gundam.

BTW, Are you watching it Dub or Sub (i know you don't need the sub LOL)?
I've heard very god thing about the dub of G Gundam ( and i've heard there Japanese VA's enuogh in SRW and other games already) i think i will go with dub on this one.
I'm watching the regular one with Japanese voices.

finally finished S1 toke me 13 days to burst trough the entire season 1 of Domon's adventures, and i quite enjoyed the ride, there's so many likable characters, and Domon himself its pretty likable, i think that the mysterious "charm" that i wrote about on a earlier post, its the characters relations, it fells...natural, even if somewhat dumb scenes it don't fell annoying to watch.

compared to what we have today i think its fair to say that Anime regressed, this is a show for kids clearly, with all the tropes that kids would love, a ultra powerful attack, training sections, mysterious powers, but a good thing is, Mobile Fighter G Gundam respect its audience, be its with George and pride talk or with Domon and Rain relationship, even the scenario that its not overly complex is there and sometimes they use it well.

the side characters are good as well, like the monks that accompany Sai Saici, and there's some hidden themes in Argo and his chief for example, don't watch expecting more than a classic mecha show, a Gundam that its about super robots and you gonna enjoy yourself, seasson 1 was great i will get 2 right away.
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Old Mecha anime, that are on my 2-watch list.

- Victory Gundam
Just the last bit of UC I got left.
- Mobile Suit Gundam.
Yes, I have not watched the TV series 0079 Gundam. I can still be a Gundam fan right?
- Daitarn 3
I've watched the first few episodes. I've just never around to finishing it.
- Mazinger Z and Getter Robo
One day, I'll watch it. I've read the Manga.
- Raijin-Ou
I've watched the first few episodes. I've just never around to finishing it.
- Might Gaine
Was watching... loss the episodes, will come back.

Unless any series is in the next SRW's, then I'll watch it.
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X-Omega: 117807236
Code Geass OVAs. I didn't know Oldrin existed until I played X-Omega. I'm currently rewatching Code Geass(right now I'm at Season 2, Turn 18) since it's been so long since I watched it. It feels like I'm watching it for the first time. From there I'll watch the OVAs and then I think they're doing season 3 next.

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