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Nadesico + Infinity Rivius (debut) Event ~ To be Yourself
Going by past events the only increase you get are from your own units and they have to be SSR's, SR's and friend units get no drop bonuses I believe. Might change though.
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We get 15 chips for 20 AP.
1 AP Potion = 75 Chips
3000 Chips = 40 AP Potion's.

40 Potions! I'm just gonna get my 2 battleships and that's it.

Is Taiki Akito really worth 40 AP Potions?
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apparently the Nadesico-C its already fixed you can build your ships now Smile

remember to check on the shop before if the ship and status and voice are loading correctly

Taiki Black Sansara seems very strong on the arena, on the normal game he is not very strong but if you lack a Taiki short range shooter it not hurt to get it if you somehow like the unit or something, however with only I.Justice it seems quite and ordeal

its doable however.

and SSR units that's not yours don't help with the red chips drop, however Sousuke also don't help since the red chips always drop
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

High overall stats like Taiki Van Ein Alva, Its short range hissatsu probably means high damage type like Taiki Combattler V but it has lower core requirement. Its ability set are geared towards evasion, increase atk speed, more evasion and more attack damage on enemy area, works well with the new SSR Nadesico.

In arena it will be the newest strongest single hitter Shooter imo.
2nd skill
Every time you avoid, hit rate, avoidance rate is increased by 10%
Sounds good as a counter for Dix Neuf the regular good defender for nearly all shooter

4th skill
Every time you destroy an enemy, increase the attack power by 20%, increase action speed
Good if he can coup de grace on the enemy which will likely to happen often with his low core hissatsu requirement
As usual putting him with Huckies and Providence will make him even stronger.
If I can humbly recommend, everyone should always aim to get the Taiki Diamond from every event in the future because they have strong abilities set with them.

Alright, I regret not rolling Fighter Getter Dragon.
Here is the recent evaluation of Fighter Getter Dragon (good for you srw785, because you got a bunch of pretty good Fighter with a good synergy too with F Getter Dragon)
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done with the first ship, now for the other one, seems like getting Akito its not very troublesome to acquire

getting the ship was very fast, done for today used only 2 or 3 Ap pots
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Are you ignoring the foe, Mai? Cos the foe kept interrupting my chip grind for Nadesico.
(04-01-2017, 06:48 AM)Mai Wrote: done for today used only 2 or 3 Ap pots

I don't believe you. you are getting 15 chips on the 20 AP one right?

It should take 6-7 AP Pots for 500 chips.

I got the Nadesico is now Level 10.
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Sort of going off on a tangent here, but I've hoped for a long time the AP system would be overhauled. The higher the level you are, the more benefit you get from AP full refill potions, so at lower level rank you are losing out of a lot during these events.

Would be better if AP full refill was converted to 100 AP refill, and then the overflow would still be kept for lower rank players.

On topic: I'm at 680 red chips now, but haven't bought anything yet. Tomorrow I should have 1k and will buy both ships. After getting both ships, what would you recommend going for? Taiki Black Selena?
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(04-01-2017, 10:01 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: Are you ignoring the foe, Mai? Cos the foe kept interrupting my chip grind for Nadesico.

Nah, I'm beating it, but sometimes i ignore it since its bothersome and gets in the way, after i get a good amount of points i start beating it, still on lvl 30 boss or something

you ap auto refill 3 times a day with the free ap refills you get about 225 chips without using Ap pots.

the event quests drop chips for complete reward drops, getting them all gets you about 200 of them,60+50+25+25+15+15 = 190

so that's 435 red chips less from your needed 4k, i them used 2 ap pots got Nadesico-C and still got ap left that i wasted on some units quests Smile

no need to rush the event runs for 8 days, if you just use your ap when its avaliable you will get 1800 red chips out of it + 200 of the complete drops so you get 2000 red chips just by efficient ap usage (is still inefficient since i cannot play on the morning), on my case i have to farm 2000 red chips, that's 25 ap potions.

so you can decide you use 250 green chips on a Taiki Unit, or you use 400 on the SP Ticket on a regular SSR
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Or you can do both, because you have more S Tickets than sense.
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