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Nadesico + Infinity Rivius (debut) Event ~ To be Yourself
(04-08-2017, 12:39 PM)Hypereia Wrote: Selling an SSR for a single s-chip, that feels like committing a sin. What's the point of them letting you make an extra copy if you can't do anything with it? Huh

I might hold onto it for a while, I can live with one less hanger slot.

In case you stuff up while fusing your units.
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Yeah, I saw you going steadily up yesterday, Hypereia. Crazy grinding you've done there.
Kudos to you, I can't do that. XD
At least my Dragonar is level 80 now, along with two maxed out SSR battleships and a bunch of tickets.
Got tons of those upgrade materials lying around, so maxing out the battleship only took like 30 seconds.
I only had enough upgrade material to max Ryvius because I usually don't play those stages. But I did get a few Nadesico levels.
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Ah gaddemit, I forgot to use all the red coins! Sad

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