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Shin Megami Tensei Thread
Hey guys, to my surprsie I didn't see any threads in regards to the SMT franchise nor its spin-off series. 
They've just recently announced an "HD" Shin Megami Tensei entry/remake for the Switch and a remastered 3DS version of SMT: Strange Journey.

[Image: 20170326_061006_thumb.jpg]
This time, Kaneko steps aside and Doi takes over as monster designer.
Never did finish the DS version. And I don't have a 3DS. Big Grin
Good news, i only finished it once, i was thinking about playing it again.
Whats with remaking all these recent games all of a sudden ( i hope you are all aware that they are remaking Radiant Historia)
Yes I am aware, and I am afraid ...

... you have no Idea how many hours I spent on that game. (soooooo good Big Grin )

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