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The future of XO
Although it's awesome that they're giving us Taikis as event rewards now every now and then,but there is room for improvement. Taiki's are great, but a lv60 taiki is still just a regular SSR. People have Taiki backlogs and adding more and more taikis just adds to the pile. My Kisaragi is still lv 65, Ougami is still lv 60. What they need to start doing is giving out a SSR Crystal◊ as a event reward once a month that only works on reward taikis or something similar. Thoughts?
I kind of agree with the Taiki backlog thing. It seems like people fall into two categories which are very far apart. New players which are getting an ever-increasing backlog of Taiki units which will take ages to increase limit of, then you have veteran players which can increase limit relatively quickly due to their ability to clear conquest.

Of course you can't reward everyone equally, I'm just reaffirming what srw785 is saying. I'm not sure there's even a way to fix it without upsetting the balance of the game.

Maybe newer players could get a slightly better login/consecutive login bonus for the first 3 months, which then goes back to normal, to help them play catch-up with their new units.
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well i like the new Taiki units rewards, they are hard to get but they are also done in a way to enable every player to actually never get the base events Taikis or the conquest mode ones.
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