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The future of XO
(03-26-2017, 08:24 PM)thebigb Wrote: This is an Online Game.
Yes, Vs mode is coming which will give more life to the game, but X-Omega needs more.
All the game is the same 4 events every mouth.

If that was the case, it would already be dead.
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Chain Chronicle its the 2nd more popular mobile game of Japan losing only to Fate/Grand Order.

the game already ended its story and they made more with new characters some sort of "Chain Chronicles 2 the adventures begins again" lol

seeing that XO apparently its growing bigger now, seriously if we stop to think about it the game came a long way, a lot changed.

another thing is that they should probably put a lot of effort on this new mode, because arena mode battle system is awesome, and they should use that on something else.

X Omega thing its that its really structured like a mobile game, i appreciate the fact that i can play this 30 minutes to one hour a day if we are having a heavy grinding event and get things done.

while on other games you have to abandon all the other game styles but of course, on the end of the day its to our choice, because if you play more than two of those games, you can't keep up with either
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(03-26-2017, 08:24 PM)thebigb Wrote:
(03-26-2017, 10:22 AM)srw785 Wrote:
(03-26-2017, 09:31 AM)thebigb Wrote: I sure this game will last until it's 2nd year. no way it's going for a 3rd.

Aww.. I probably won't be able to get Taiki Seiten by then. Guess I should limit break my favorite taikis sooner than later too. It's too bad these sort of games are impossible to "complete".

Always break your favorite units. No point breaking units you don't like.

They should add in a Completion hanger thing, with rewards. This way you are happy getting any new unit and people will pay money to try and complete their hanger.

I've been limit breaking things I need for conquest mode under the promise that I'll get more limit break crystals to use on my favorite units.

I don't want to collect any units, I want to collect my favorite units.
As long as they keep adding new series and doing collab events, the game still has a while to go.
Gacha games benefit from having gachas full of characters people really want, and obviously SRW has that in spades. By now they've already passed the initial test that would've killed any other similar project in cradle (desired, licensed characters are good, but if the game is unacceptable it'll only get so far). So it does have that advantage.

That said, I got very fed up with how the game works and quit a long time ago myself. It's tough to gauge whether a game like this is doing well enough when it's not a super obvious "permanent fixture in top 50 grossing charts" thing. These can suffer from sudden death at a certain age and we're getting to that average lifespan mark (two years), so I can understand if that makes people nervous.
Hey Kicksville! I had been wondering why you quit when I saw you on the forums a week or two ago, guess I finally have my answer. (We miss you!)

Back to the topic, even with the game feeling dated, the gachas that have been released recently seem to be going over well. Huckebein was a big hit, seems like we got a nice influx of players during that period especially considering SRWV's release.

Speaking hypothetically, if a new mobile SRW game were to be released, I assume Sega would have primary rights for the foreseeable future?
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(03-26-2017, 11:01 PM)180223 Wrote: As long as they keep adding new series and doing collab events, the game still has a while to go.

And they won't stop. Every time Card Chronicle hit the limit, they slapped twelve or so more series in.

There are literally hundreds of series to add that they could.

(03-27-2017, 02:07 AM)Hypereia Wrote: Speaking hypothetically, if a new mobile SRW game were to be released, I assume Sega would have primary rights for the foreseeable future?

I doubt it automatically would, but the partnership with Sega has worked wonders thus far, and I doubt they'd stop the money rolling in. Bandai, for all its faults, is not Konami.
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The problem is, they can release all the series in the world, it's not going to mean much if they constantly keep shitting 9n the players with the rigged gachas, and just as rigged events.
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what are you talking about Nep?

X-OMG its very generous with gifts and stuff, this event gave 2 Taikis one of which you could select, majority of us got 2 or 3 Kobos
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Keep shitting players with rigged gachas and rigged events sounds more like FGO actually.
Not that I am trying to shill X-Omega but nearly every mobile games that use gacha system have rigged gachas, X-Omega event is more towards repetitive and boring, the rigged part might refer to how we need to get an event gacha units to madly grind for a tickets for a chance to give us another unit from the current event gacha pool, which I think started around Fashion event and you can always ignore getting the tip top rewards from every event if you are F2P, or you can spend a lot of AP pots.
But X-Omega still throws you quite a lot of crystals in a month, I think you can at least perform 10 rolls each month.
For FGO, the first real event in 2017 (valentine and gudaguda are just re-run) will begin around 5th April with that Fate CCC collab or something. Three months of no actual new events sounds like a rigged event but it can't be helped because FGO carries itself on the story, Arturia face, rigged gacha and there is no multiplayer competitive aspect of any sort in FGO.

Just like what Matt said, devs will keep the game rolling for more money and you will need to worry for a sudden server shut-down if your mobile game dev is called Square Enix.
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