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General SRW Media
Nice work buddy.
I try my best. Just trying to find and pool together all the videos, walkthroughs, and translations about Super Robot Wars and its related franchises into one place.
Thanks DragoEnovy. That's a great list.

However, has anyone else just now noticed that the almost complete Zengar SRW Alpha 2 script translation that was on gamefaqs has been removed? Could anyone kindly PM me the text file if they have it?
Shit! For real?

I read that a long time ago. If we're lucky I should still have a copy of it saved on my old desktop. I'll try to look it up soon as I settle into my new apartment.
Wow, thanks a lot man! It's surprising that it was taken down, given how many hours and work it took to translate almost all of Zengar's route.
Screw it. I'm not waiting anymore. I pulled up the file from the Wayback Machine and uploaded it.
Just checked Chriss, she told me that because its outdated and she is working on a proper translation so she thought it was for the best to take it down for now.
Thanks a lot Ace!

Oh, I see. I had thought it was the website itself. Glad it wasn't.

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