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General SRW Media
Totally called for if he was talking to Kira. Big Grin
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Another couple links from me:
(03-28-2017, 11:24 PM)Kicksville Wrote: a good way, or a bad way, orrr...?

Basically, when Mechaextreme started, he was... Not that good. Look up his UX, Z2, and Z stuff, you'll see.

Lots of great lines - names totally wrong to the point of shit like Vyston Vell, "I'll give you an unpleasant bliss", "press the Shinke", and, most memetically, "you are the... FUCK YOUU". (Which, ironically, is actually pretty accurate. The original line was "Omae wa... FUZAKERUNAAAAAAA")
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One last batch from me:

At this point I think I've got at least one video representative for every SRW game from SRW 1 to SRW V. Not too sure about stuff like Compatible Heroes and Gaia Savers (and other games of that nature), but I'll see what I can do over the next couple days.

EDIT: Just wanted to point out that this link below holds rare XO (the remake of GC, not the mobile app) footage, including the attacks of the two most elusive Banpresto Original mech known to the Internet: Soul Gunner Storm and Soul Lancer Burst.
Finally found the last links for this thread's purpose:

If you guys have any requests for game videos, just let me know.
Here's another one from me:
Found another link for SRW X-Omega videos:
Here's a link with SRW NEO media on it, among other things:
Here's some music from lesser known games like Real Robot Front and Super Robot Shooting:
Here's some stuff from a defunct board on GameFaqs, mostly about walkthroughs and translations for SRW games (if links are included, it isn't located in GameFaqs but another site entirely):

Excuse Plot - 1, Link Battler, Infinite Battle, Card Chronicles

English Translation/Anime Adaption - OG1, OG2, Moon Dwellers, V

MNeidengard - 3, EX, Shin, Alpha 1, Alpha Gaiden, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, MX, Compact 2/Impact, OGs Gaiden, W, K, Z, Z Special, Z2 Hakai, Z2 Saisen, Z3 Jigoku, Z3 Rengoku, Z3 Tengoku, Endless Frontier, Endless Frontier EXCEED, Namco X Capcom, Masou Kishin 1 (SNES version, partially)

CMori - 2/2G, Compact, 4

nitake92 - J, D, GC, Scramble Command the 2nd, Compact 3

_dobiqwolf - R

kern - F and F Final, Masou Kishin 1 (SNES version, partially), Neo, L

KaneBlueriver - Dark Prison (located on the boards)

CO Adder - OGs

ikusagami - A

KeyBlade999 - Project X Zone

Mwulf - A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode R

NrvnqsrKhaos - 2nd OG, translation located on this site:

HellHound 13th - Panzer Warfare, it's a playthrough located on this site:

omegaevolution - Project X Zone 2, it's a playthrough located on this site:

J-Gamer - Masou Kishins 1-4 and UX, they're playthroughs located on this site:

Brunom1 - SRW MX, W, Z/Z Special, and L, they're located on this site:
Brunom1 is currently working on SRW UX over on this site:

I also know that D180223 over on YouTube has been doing various SRW games, among which are 64, OE, NEO, Z2 and Z3, MX Portable, Shin, V, Moon Dwellers, GC, 1 (and its remake), Super Robot Spirits, and BX.

A review and some plot points about Pride of Justice:

Some script translations by joekage: (This last one is currently halted due to real life concerns)

Here's another Youtuber who's working on Masou Kishin playthroughs as well (as well as other series like Original Generation and G Generation):

And finally some things to look over in general for OG stuff:

As a bonus, are some more SRW related links in Youtube: (This last one has some Scramble Commander footage)

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