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SRW Future
We discuss the sales and what wrong and whats right with the series and what need to be changed.

I'm not sure how accurate are these numbers but after one month SRWV only sold 126,486 copies so far.

Anyone have MD sales figure?
That's only the PS4 numbers. The PS Vita numbers is at least 100k as well.

And both numbers are only the Japanese numbers, we don't know how much the English, Chinese or Korean versions sold.
Also, online sales aren't included in these as well right? People are slowly heading down that route more and more for every year that passes (myself included). I really hope that we can start getting better sales figures from the online stores as well as only the physical copies really doesn't give the whole picture anymore. They do still serve as a good estiment though.
There's nothing wrong with simplicity and budget constraints, but for **** sakes, they need to realize variety is the key to stimulation. I think they lose a lot of the market by having made Z into a 5 installment series. That's just ludicrous. As a company, they need to do more research and figure out what made past entries sell more - expound on the strengths and refine on any weaknesses while at the same time being conscious of current market trends.

As a fan, I've gotten about **** tired of seeing Gundam Seed/Destiny in almost all the recent SRW entries. Honestly, I think even Seed fans are desensitized. Not to mention you have the same consumers exposed to it in the G Generation series.
Totally agree (6 games if you count Z Special Disk) and while the 3d titles never sold as much, they always had fresh gameplay.
And finally, who can disagree that OG took really tooooooooo long already and with a lot of time between each title (not to mention dropping the Anime after the amazing 2nd series).
(03-28-2017, 01:00 PM)Vincent Wrote: Totally agree (6 games if you count Z Special Disk) and while the 3d titles never sold as much, they always had fresh gameplay.

Alpha DC doesn't really benefit from its "fresh" gameplay, OE is by far the worst game in the franchise, and Neo wasn't that good either, so that doesn't really help.

GC was made by the same guys who did 64, all the GBA games, all the DS games, and the 3DS games anyway. And XO was a remake (and the worst selling game in the franchise as an aside) even if it did have a good amount of new content.
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I enjoyed Neo. I was glad they tried something new.
(03-29-2017, 04:12 AM)kern Wrote: I enjoyed Neo. I was glad they tried something new.

I would have enjoyed it more if more than half the series mattered to the plot, if two of the debuts weren't basically roster filler and a third had more than a third of its own plot, if Ryu Knight wasn't omnipresent, if it made better use of the attack abilities (which OE did, to its credit), if range wasn't cocked up, if its stages didn't take so damn long...

It had some good, sure, it's nowhere near the worst game in the franchise, but it just doesn't follow through on its potential.
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OE its not a bad game, you just need to grind,

but the system its very interesting, i played it a lot, its also a hard game

well they have to refresh things a little, V was a good game, but i rather have Moon Dweelers the quality difference between the OG series and the regular SRW series is bothering me for quite some time.

but Z was a fine series the problem was just that it was all over the place, and they should really get rid of dimensional quakes and stuff

also new 3Ds game next i think
Its never too late to start loving again

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(03-29-2017, 07:00 PM)Mai Wrote: OE its not a bad game

For the two chapters where they gave a shit, yes. For the next two, maybe. For the last four? It just gets more unbearable as the stages go on, and the endless reinforcement spam runs into every stage being the exact same goddamn thing, and enemy squads pads the time out even more, and you just want it to be over already good god just end this now.

It had many good ideas, but watching the grass blow in the wind for hours on end is preferable to watching my Supers fail to kill Mucus every turn because they have bullshit blown up HP thanks to squads and spawn infinitely and half your team is useless because of how Evasion Decay works and the game is just totally off balanced and ugh.
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