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Gundam: Twilight Axis

From what I can tell, it's set around the time of Gundam Unicorn. The sole screenshot suggests it's anime, but I can't honestly tell.

List of characters and MS here:

If this is truly animated, it may be the very first Gundam anime to feature a female protagonist (Christina in 0080 doesn't count).
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Yatate Bunko is a relatively recent Sunrise project that involves serialized novel-style stories, including ones based on various older properties. There's an SD Gundam one, GaoGaiGar vs Betterman, stuff like that...the latter has had some "fake anime screenshot" type images, which I believe that image is along the lines of.

If this is truly being adapted for anime, it's a bit of a surprise, because that only started a couple of months ago and to my knowledge isn't done. Near as I can tell this doesn't confirm the nature of anything (it could even be a trailer type deal), so I'll be waiting to see if this is for real.

Well, assuming CR did a decent job translating info on the site, this is an anime.
It is an Anime, its supposed to replace IBO.
The story is set between CCA & Unicorn BTW.
^ Some sources say this happens months after Unicorn though
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
It could be another OVA project like Unicorn, as we have not gotten a UC TV show (not including that editted Unicorn TV version), since Victory Gundam, I'm also not including G-Reco either.

Because its based on a novel, why bother to do a tv show for a novel that just started? Unicorn had plenty of novels done when the OVA started.

But you never know... it might be a TV show, but the successor Gundam TV show isn't usually officially announced till around June/July.

The teaser heavily implies it's going to be a bit like Thunderbolt, with Arlette being mostly on Zeon/Neo-Zeon side while whoever pilots the Tristran is the antagonist.

Shame it won't be for the viewing public and it's exclusively for members of the official Gundam Fan Club.
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Quote:net anime

Yyyyyeah, that sounds about right.

Quote:The anime will have six episodes — five three-minute episodes, and the final eight-minute episode.

Yyyyyeah, that definitely sounds about right.

Quote:The first episode will debut for free on June 23 on the Gundam Fan Club, the website, the Yatate Bunko imprint's website, the Bandai Channel service, and the YouTube service. The later episodes will stream exclusively with the Gundam Fan Club every other week.
So its basically one anime episode.
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