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Welcome to My F2p Conquest Guide.
Welcome to my Conquest Guide.

[Image: ref_upload.jpg]

This is a Free to Play guide, into beating the Conquest.
Some units can be acquired without OMG* 
There will be No Taiki or Event units. 

What is Conquest Mode?

Conquest Mode is a Monthly Special Quests.
Each Mouth you're Progress is reset and so are the rewards.

Your goal is to aim to clear all 70 stages within the time period.

Differences to Normal Stages.
No Continue
- If you experienced annihilation or you're battleship has fallen. You can not continue
No helper 
- You Can Deploy up to 6 units, 6 of your own units.
The battle starts and you are given a set of Core's
- No Core drop from the enemy or any supply's from the battleship.

Recommend Units to invest into.
As you have just started Conquest Mode, you may not know which units you may need or invest into.
No matter how many SSRs units you have, invest into these 4.

[Image: xZ8LuDz.png]

R: Eva 01
- Heal you're Team
- Can tank more hits
- Provide a Defender Core
* If you get the SSR Defender Eva 01, use that.

R: HyoRyu
- Can Slow down enemy units with normal attacks
- Can Slow down enemy units with Special attacks

SR: EnRyu
- Blaster Unit can blow back
- Can use All Cores
- Has Supply for 1 Rainbow Core

SR: Eva-02
- Blaster Unit can blow back
- Can use All Cores
- Provide's 1 Rainbow Core

How to Get
R Units require these Tickets,[Image: EnRKCk5.png] you can buy them for chips or get them as mission rewards.
SR Blaster Units, require Blaster tickets, you can get them during Conquest Mode.


These level's I dubbed the Baby Level as they are really easy.

Team: Stage 1-14
[Image: HO8xzmd.png]

Shooters are the way to go, all units can be Obtained with a Ticket.[Image: EnRKCk5.png]
If you are having trouble at the baby stages just use an SSR.

Stage 10 Guide:
WAVE 1 -
There are lots of enemy units coming.

Pure Strength, will easy win the fight.
Remember to use typing to your advantage.

When HP is decreasing, use "Guts and or "Trust+" for some Good HP, or send you're unit to the Battleship.

When a large number of enemies accumulate on the screen, they are wiped out by extinction.

If you can learn the fundamental's of Rock, Paper, Scissors you will survive WAVE 1.

WAVE 2 + 3 - Use all you're Cores to Attack.

Wave 2 and 3 are easy if you can survive Wave 1.

[Image: srw-x_11_cs1w1_298x.jpg]
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Godspeed sir, I've been waiting for a guide like this.
X-O Friend ID:  186471287
Now you have Learn't the Basic's time for something harder, this part I've dubbed Beginner Conquest.

Stage 15 Team:
[Image: jZnf6HD.png]

New Units: As you can see there are a few new units here, you can get them with Tickets.[Image: EnRKCk5.png]
There is also an SR Taiki on the team, at this stage you should have enough for a roll, so go and get yourself an SR Taiki or you get lucky and get an SSR Taiki.

Stage 15 Guide:
WAVE 1 and 2 is an ordinary formation. Just hit with the advantage type, and proceed with HP recovery.

WAVE 3 is a boss rush of ZAFT.
Blitz → Duel → Buster →learnt→ Zaku

These Units all have PS Amour, which reduces damage to all attack's other than beam.
Take Advantage of this and use Beam weapons or hit with your cores.

[Image: srw-x_12_cs1w1_298x.jpg]

Stage 16-20 Team
[Image: 8z8qfVo.jpg]

New Units: Try to get 6 Attacks and 6 Defenders, all units can be gotten with.[Image: EnRKCk5.png]

Stage 20 Team
[Image: x6mLkdF.png]

Stage 20 Guide:
Unlike conquest 15, use weapons with the non-beam attribute.
You will be fighting Psycho Gundam's. 

WAVE 1 and 2 are a easy rush, just use the skills you have learn't in Conquest 1[19.
WAVE 3 is a demon stage, filled with Psycho Gundam's.
They have a strong beam barriers appear one after another.

In addition, Psycho Gundam releases Powerful Special attack, get hit with it and you are gone.
So, quickly beat them up before the Special Attacks hits.

Blaster units and Shooters can Slow them down, but save all you're cores for you're Attack unit to beat them.

[Image: srw-x_13_cs1w1_298x.jpg]

Stage 21-24 Team.
[Image: a5czGlo.jpg]

New Units: Try to have 3 Teams of 6 Defenders, Shooters and Attacks, all units you can get with Tickets [Image: EnRKCk5.png].
Good job and keep it up.
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]
Wow you have tons of lvl 70 max buffed SR units :O

pretty great, keep up, i don't think i can go beyond 30 with SR units only
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]


Why, Yes you are still playing on Easy.

Stage 25 Team:
[Image: LTstrde.png]

New Units:
As you can see there is an SSR on the team.
This one is a R+ one.
R+ Units are free SSR's you can get one every week.
There SR Units can be gotten with Tickets.

The SR Kurz however, is a Taiki from the Conquest Gache. Get this Kurz, you will need him.

Stage 25 Guide:

Wave 1-2:
The formation of your units is key to winning, save all your core's for the final wave.
You're Battleship is going to get hit, you just need to destroy the enemy before your ship falls.

The Enemy Shooter's deal insane damage to all your units, so try to dodge those hits.

Having ECS on Attacker or Defender units is meaningless as they get destroyed instantly because transparency is canceled after they have attacked the enemy, so ECS Shooters are the way to go.

Wave 3:
After the 1st Big Boss as appeared, simply used a Wide Area Shooter Special Attack such as Aquarion to take the enemy down.

[Image: srw-x_14_cs1w1_298x.jpg][Image: srw-x_15_cs1w1_298x.jpg]
[Image: srw-x_09_cs1w1_298x.jpg][Image: srw-x_10_cs1w1_298x.jpg]

Stage 26-29 Team
[Image: UVNNFcF.jpg]

New Units: Get yourself an Attacker and Defender SSR Unit, the SSR's you see are R+ Units.


Now, you are playing on Normal stages will no longer be easy.
You are going to need some decent SSR units, that's more than one.

Stage 30 Team
[Image: ozIAhKw.png]

New Units: Victory Gundam can be gotten as a R+.

Stage 30 Guide.
Wave 1: This battle starts by facing off a Qubelay Mk-11. She will suddenly fire the entire field funnels.
Everyone hit by it will be given a permanent state of burning damage.

Having a Uni that can cure all units of the burning state, is the way to go.

Qubelay attacks the units with the most HP taken, with that you can easily change her target and take zero damage. Just move vertically up and down, while you're shooters take her down.

Wave 2: The problem in this stage is wave 2 you are up against the Kshatriya. She can dodge you will be missing, pretty much every single attack, to make things better, she attacks with beams.

Use your units as a wall, stopping her from attacks, with your defense units coming out her first. and you're boss killer at the end of the wall. Once everyone is dead, cross your fingers that the boss killer did enough damage.

[Image: srw-x_12_cs1w1_298x.jpg][Image: srw-x_13_cs1w1_298x.jpg]

Stage 31-34
[Image: LQqlbUt.jpg]
Which Units can heal the Burn effect for level 30?
Game name: Optimus
Friend Code: 130684403
(03-23-2017, 07:56 PM)CHEN Wrote: Which Units can heal the Burn effect for level 30?

Rom, Rei, Uso.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Stage 30 Team:
[Image: 8WnhcHD.png]
(Team breaks rules... I do it again with a more f2p team.)

New Unit:

[Image: 11800095.jpg]

This Stage is impossible to beat with zero Event and Taiki unit, unless you have Shooter Billbine.

Shooter Billbine is not an easy unit to get, so I would not call this an f2p unit.
It's regular attack can penetrate barriers.

Stage 30 Guide
The enemy just one Eva-01. It's Equipped with a powerful AT field that invalidates's damage of 10000 or less.

To win you need to break through the AT Field to deal high damage

AT field, have a unit with a regular attack that can penetrate barriers.

Try using a "Sure hit" team and a Boss killer.
Have a unit with "Sure Hit", use its ability and then die to give a core, and do again with another "Sure hit" unit.
When you have 1 unit left, have to do is just use kill the eva boss with its special attack.

Encouragement is also a great skill for another unit to use on your boss killer.

[Image: srw-x_04_cs1w1_298x.jpg][Image: srw-x_01_cs1w1_298x.jpg]
[Image: srw-x_25_cs1w1_298x.jpg][Image: srw-x_26_cs1w1_298x.jpg]

Stage 36-38
[Image: abmScXa.jpg]
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236

Hard, that is what these next few stages will be, Hard.

Stage 39 Team
[Image: FFt60az.png]

New Units: We will be using Fighter units.

Stage 39 Guide
Yes, a Guide for a small stage. This stage is hard, even if you have 2 Taiki units.
You are going to need a Shooter Nuker, Fighter x2, Shooter x2 and a Healer.

Wave 1:
Have your Fighter's attack the bottom while you're shooters attack the top.

Wave 2:
This is where you healer comes in heal so that no one dies. Use your Nuker Special. Once.

Wave 3:
Let you're Units Die, and try to keep a wall until the final boss units arrive, then use Nuker to finish them all off.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236

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