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Hello everyone!

New user here -- I signed up a month ago but never got around to posting, so I suppose I'll start now since my current playthrough of OGG coincides with where I left my last blog (on another website). But first, a bit of history about myself...

I first got into SRW when Atlus translated OG1 and OG2 for GBA SP, and bought the games on a whim when I saw them at a local store. These unknown games had giant robots, which I love (I've always been a Gundam fan), and were SRPGs, which is my favourite genre of game! The combination was perfect, and I was immediately sucked into the games. I ended up playing through OG1 at least four or five times because I loved the carry-over system (something which I think adds a lot to the replay value of a game, if done properly), but I only completed OG2 twice because the carry-over system in that game didn't function like OG1 and was much worse as a result.

Because I played OG1 so much, I had actually begun writing a walkthrough for it. This proved to be way more work than I had expected, especially since I was very meticulous and diligent about recording every single detail, stat, and possibility, and I ended up abandoning it by the time I had finished OG1 for the fourth or fifth time mainly because I couldn't be bothered to continue playing the game just to finish the walkthrough and because I had discovered the existence of a remake of OG1 and OG2 on PS2.

I immediately began researching how to mod a PS2 so that I could eventually import game. I figured that since I already knew the story from the Atlus translation, I could just play the remakes for the enhanced graphics and extra stuff that was thrown in. After many years of procrastination, I finally borrowed my friend's PS2, successfully modded it, and imported SRW OGs and OGG.

The OG1 and OG2 remakes thoroughly impressed me and I played through each game twice before I decided to start writing a blog on GameFAQs when I first tackled Ex-Hard Mode on my third playthrough of OG1 and OG2. Throughout my OGs playthroughs, I had begun writing down unique and often overlooked tidbits which the walkthroughs on GameFAQs hadn't covered (such as optional boss retreat thresholds, boss drops, and other random information), and I wanted a place to share some of the information that I had gathered from multiple playthroughs with other fans of OGs without having to release a fully-fledged walkthrough (and I doubt that the amount of material I have would get accepted anyways). I also wanted a place where I could clarify character backstories / histories (Gilliam and Ingram in particular), as well as a place to ask various questions; however, because the SRW community on GameFAQs is nomadic by nature, my blogs got very little attention (not that this was my main intention at all). Some time before the release of Moon Dwellers, Vincent recommended that I come and post my blogs here instead, and after about a year I finally decided to register an account and post my blogs here.

Just a note about my blogs and playstyle: I'm not interested in speedruns, or low turn counts -- I play with future playthroughs in mind, and instead have a different personal challenge: my goal in every scenario is to destroy as many enemies as possible with a Twin unit and Luck / Bless. This isn't the most exciting thing to write about, as it gets easier with each successive NG+, so instead I mainly comment or ask questions about the story, mechs, characters, and changes between the games and like to theory-craft about the best pilot-mech combinations and Pilot Skill setups; that being said, since playing OGG I've begun keeping pilots in their canon  mechs as it fits the story better and you honestly don't lose much for leaving them in their default mechs (not that these games are hard enough to warrant actual min-maxing anyways). Besides, this challenge is only difficult in the scenarios with tight time limits, but I mainly do it to maximize the profits I reap so that I can be slightly more powerful in the following playthrough.

Here are the links to my OGs blogs, for anyone who's interested in doing some previous reading (WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THESE LINKS -- READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION):

OG1 / 2 (Part 1):

OG1 / 2 (Part 2):

OG1 / 2 (Part 3):


I'll try to post once every few days, but I tend to get side-tracked or get busy with work so I might not be extremely consistent with posting. Thankfully the topics here don't archive, unlike GameFAQs, so I won't have to worry about making a new topic just for one or two posts...

Since my last post on my GameFAQs OGG blog I've completed my second playthrough on the Space Route. Currently, I am on my third playthrough of OGG at the route split and plan to go through the Earth Route. Following this final playthrough (with which I will finalize my personal mini-walkthrough), I plan on moving on to 2nd SRWOG. I don't really care to complete Ex-Hard or Special Mode on OGG just yet, and would rather move on to the newer generation of OG games.

I recently ordered and received Moon Dwellers from Play-Asia (which took four months to ship here...), played the introductory scenario with my friend, and I have to say that it got me extremely excited to play 2nd SRWOG (and eventually Moon Dwellers). I really like a lot of the changes that I'm seeing at a glance from Akurasu, such as making certain Pilot Skills unique instead of purchasable, the much more unique Ace Bonuses, the "item" system, and the overall balance changes (RyuKoOh and Grungusts are actually useful now!). The 3D combat also looks pretty stunning, and of course the artwork made me feel like I was watching an actual anime. I can't wait to start playing 2nd SRWOG, but first I want to fully complete OGG and record a proper blog for it.

For ease of access I'll just copy / paste my entire OGG blog from GameFAQs to here (which isn't long), and continue on from there in order to maintain continuity. I'll speak about both route splits since I have now experienced both, and both are fresh in my mind, but I will leave that for tomorrow's post.

Thanks, and I hope you guys enjoy my adventures throughout the OG-verse!
Welcome to the forum!

GBA was a great platform for introducing new players to the series. My first SRW was SRWA for GBA, at one point I was so enthralled, I even modified the game to allow myself access to GP-02A. Cool

OG1 and 2 were fantastic games, I played and beat them both in JP, then when I heard Atlus decided to localize them, I had to place pre-orders for them. (Also for Endless Frontier!)

OG2 in particular I'm very fond of; I think it aged pretty well. The Japanese also enjoyed OG2 so much so, there's a number of OG2 mods out there which offer some fun gameplay.

I worked with a friend of mine on an OG2 mod, which was a mod of a mod. (Long story, don't ask Blush ) I had particular interest in it because it changed some of the events of Ouka in particular, which made me very happy.

On another note, not sure if you have time or interest, but check out the X-Omega subforum here. There's also an Akurasu wiki page dedicated to it if you did decide to check it out for yourself.

Anyways, we're glad to have you with us. Take care and have a good evening.
FGO (NA): 006,634,728
After completing OG1 and OG2 a staggering eight times over the past few years (four times each: twice on Normal, once on Ex-Hard, and once on Special 1) I've finally moved on to OGG! I have to say that when I first loaded the game I was extremely stoked about playing new content because OG1 and OG2 were starting to get stale -- the only saving grace being Ex-Hard and Special 1 mode, both of which were treats to play. However, that being said, Special 2 is just ludicrous: 15 upgrade bars for everything completely breaks the game, but that will be for another day...

I love the way they introduce the beginning of the game, with the cloudy night sky and some (custom) Gespensts jumping out of a Taussendfussler like paratroopers. At first I was really confused about the timeline since "Several Months Ago..." wasn't evident that it was taking place during the Kurogane / Hiryu's assault on the White Star. I was wondering how the Einst were still alive, but it made sense as the story progressed and the Cry Wolves were dispatched to the White Star during the final battle with Vindel and Lemon.

Once I actually got into the first scenario I was very impressed with the first new song I was hearing (Cry Wolves versus damaged Einst remnants on top of the Earth Cradle). I have got to say that this is easily one of my favourite new songs from the entire game.

The Cry Wolves themselves are awesome as well! Albero seems like he'd be a great boss to work for, and their whole unit and concept appeals to me -- shrouded in a clandestine aura, cool-looking outfits, and customs mechs! Although, their mechs are just normal Gespenst Mk.II-Ms, but with oddly-named fixed weapons (in addition to a broken 170 Weapon Space on TOP of a fantastic fixed arsenal). Nevertheless, I tremendously enjoyed playing as the Cry Wolves. These guys were easily the highlight of the game for me, and I would've loved it if more of the game was dedicated to them. Moreover, according to MNeidengard's translation guide, "Blue" and "Brown" Cry Wolves are mentioned before Scenario 2's intermission...I'd like to see what the paint job of those mechs would look like, and who's piloting them as well.

All-in-all, OGG has a great opening sequence and introductory scenarios -- it definitely got me excited for the remainder of the game. I've already beaten the game twice, in about two or three week's time for each playthrough, and it was pretty fun overall; however, I feel like the game was rushed. The main things I took issue with were the sheer amount of pilots and units you get, but the inability to deploy more than 40% at any one time; and the lack of route splits, which I believe is a huge contributing factor to not being able to deploy many of the pilots / units you have access to. I realize that the game even calls itself "Episode 2.5" and (possibly) isn't meant to be a fully-fledged story, and perhaps the designers intended it to be this way, but I really think they could've done more with the amount of pilots and units you get. At one point in the game, Ratsel sends the Kurogane away to go on some other mission...if the time / resources were there, the designers could've expanded on this and had you send pilots and units away permanently, on a sort of side-story. Throughout the game, some people have very few lines and interactions with the rest of the crew, so sending a team of Yuuki, Carla, Octo Squad, Arado, and Seolla with the Kurogane would've made sense and there could have been more scenarios of you fighting back against the random Carnage incursions or DC remnants popping up. At one point the Carnages took over Stutgart, some capital or other, and the Hagane / Hiryu crews did nothing about it...if that was Geneva, Aviano, Izu, or TLI then they would've been all over it. The other thing they could've done was to actually flesh out what each battleship crew does when the three split up after taking Skullhead / Hellgate. Instead you just get one or two obligatory scenarios with each crew before they join up again with little explanation as to what each squad was doing.

Those minor points aside, the bosses with huge HP scores became a bit of a drag; that being said, this game almost felt easier than OG2 and I can't quite pinpoint why. I'm not sure if Armor was nerfed (or if weapons were powered up), or if the enemy units just have severely low Armor in this game, but I was able to output ridiculous kinds of damage with the SRX / Viletta HTB Cannon. There were very few bosses who I didn't shoot down (if they were optional), and by the end of the game I could 2-shot Shu's Valsion Customs with Valor + HTB Cannon (80,xxx damage per hit). And this is before Armor Breaker, without using Mai instead of Viletta, and without stacking Gun-Fight on Ryusei (or Mai)! Now that I think about it, the lack of Guard on every boss probably contributed to this quite heavily, and I'm glad that they shifted away from having that Pilot Skill as a default on every boss like in OG2. Even the Swordian's Guards weren't that tough, just time-consuming. Dark Brain 1, Dark Brain 2, and even Shu all fell within one player phase, and I wasn't abusing HTB Cannon -- I would always save Ryusei for the finishing blow, and let everyone else weaken the bosses.

Another thing was that I felt like there was no need to use the majority of pilots and units because the SRX could single-handedly plow through the entire game as long as it was backed by the abundant amount of support units now available to you (Alfimi and Despinis are so broken!), all while being the most effective way of gathering PP. I ended up making the majority of my pilots Aces, but in hindsight I should've just stuck to the SRX + GT3 or RKO/KRO in order to truly maximize PP. I didn't lose out on much though, and in subsequent playthroughs I'll probably just solely use the SRX + GT3 or RKO/KRO backed by Radha, Shine, Latooni, Russel, Ibis / Tsugumi, Kouta / Shouko, Raul / Raj / Mizuho, Alfimi, and Despinis. I'm sad that Ring didn't make a return though -- they didn't even give her any lines (that I remember)! She was easily the most broken support character in OG2, but now that title goes to Alfimi without any doubts.

That's another thing: there are a LOT more co-piloted or shared units, which means that in order to squeeze the most PP out of the BM bonuses you should always bring in those "two-for-one" units such as the Astelion AX, GT3, RKO/KRO, G-CKaiser, and Excellence Lightning since you deploy one unit but get twice or thrice the BM bonus PP. Therefore, I always felt compelled to deploy these units for efficiency's sake even though I didn't like some pilots / units (Ibis has never been a very strong pilot for me, and Kouta can't hit anything ever); however, these weaker pilots / units are usually offset by their great sub or co-pilots. I'm glad I got this experimentation out of the way in the first playthrough, where you only carry over 25% of your PP. At least the effects of my inefficiency will be minimized.

Anyways...those were my main gripes with the game. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the story and new cast, and they left a lot open for the next game (Youkijin, Mitall / Eldy, Albero / Hugo, new spec ops unit working directly for Graien). I really, REALLY disliked some of the bad guys in this game, and I'd like to think that means that they did a good job designing said antagonists (similar to how if you really dislike a character in a TV show then it's a testament to how well they were written, scripted, or acted). I did not like Jurgen or Murata, and I still don't really like Rose.

So, with that stuff out of the way I'll start talking about individual scenarios as in my previous topic for OGs. I'm not going to go into detail about how I Twin-killed every unit or Blessed everything, but I'll just speak about the fascinating tidbits which I've encountered, all while asking questions about the story and speaking about pilots and units (some units got some serious nerfs in this game...). As previously stated, I've already completed both routes once and am going through the Earth route for my third playthrough.
Scenario 1: Frozen Past

I love the theme during this scenario. The first time I heard it I left the game on for at least 10 minutes just listening to it. Songs like this REALLY make me yearn for the ability to assign these "scenario themes" as battle themes for your pilots. Another song which I absolutely love is Scenario 24 in OG1, right before the two squads merge and you're using the Hiryu and the Octo Squad + Radha to scout out the White Star's first appearance. The song on the first turn (which turns into a generic scenario theme on T2, sadly) just had me in a trance the first time I heard it.

Anyways, one interesting point to note: for some reason all Einsts give you 20% more money than normal no matter which Cry Wolf pilot shoots them down, and none of the Cry Wolves are Aced or have Fortune. Any explanation for this one?

Also, if the ability to FREEZE our enemies was a thing during the Inspector Incident then why wasn't that abused some more? I'm surprised that more Einsts weren't frozen sooner...

And where were the Cry Wolves during the first two wars? They seem like a pretty skilled special forces unit, so I'm surprised their service record isn't covered at all.

The translation guide also mentions something about the (now-frozen) Einst Regisseur searching for the "Water Mirror" but the Kurogane is already in space? I have no idea what this is referring to.

Scenario 2: Because of a Disposable God

Why is Sleigh here? And with Cosmolions? According to the translation guide she's in pursuit of the Shirogane??? She only makes one more appearance after this, where she's escorting Lorenzo out of Skullhead / Hellgate on her employer's orders (who I can only presume is Rose?) but I'm not sure why Lorenzo is protected as such by Sleigh's employer. Any explanation for all of this?

Another minor point, but if the Cry Wolves picked up some random Soulgain pieces inside then how did the core end up floating in space AFTER the White Star got warped out to Dimension X and subsequently absorbed by an Einst Regisseur???

Also how is Alfimi still alive? I though she disintegrated as soon as your squads got back from Dimension X since she had no way to live because the Einst were erased. The translation guide doesn't go into detail, so can someone provide further clarification (if there is any)?

The translation guide also mentions Eric counting on a certain someone to destroy the Granzon for him since his counter-measure isn't ready yet -- who is that?

As an aside, I really like some of the new facial expressions they drew for some of your characters -- Kai's "sigh", Lamia's new scheming look with the slightest of smirks, Kyosuke's resigned face, and even Kusuha's battle face all look awesome and really add to their personality.

Scenario 3: Dancing Cradle Part 1

When Kai's talking to Mustafa they mention Kenneth taking over Laker's position as the Izu commander -- whatever happened to Laker and Sakae after the Inspector Incident?

Scenario 4: Dancing Cradle Part 2

So...Tony got injured during an alien attack and the only way she could keep him alive was by putting him INSIDE a Wendigo 3? Surely this couldn't have been the only way to preserve him? Or is Dona just delusional? I'm not sure what her motive was behind all of this. Also why was there animosity between Eldy and Dona? Eldy seems quite happy when she learns of Dona's self-implosion. Lastly, who is Dona's new employer who she's trying to impress with this terrorist attack? Just a reminder: I'm not at ALL familiar with any storyline outside of OG, and I've never played an SRW game that isn't OG. Therefore, I have little to no knowledge about Masaki's world / backstory, the MX characters, etc..

Scenario 5: An Encounter with Wolves

Earlier in the game, Sophia was kicked out by Central Project who just occupied the Earth Cradle. I thought the Earth Cradle belonged to Sophia? How did Central Project get the authority to just kick her out of her own project and base?

During the scenario, some DC stragglers attack the transport which Folia is protecting while en route to Torchika from the Earth Cradle. Why are the DC stragglers interested in the frozen Einst? And how do they know that that's what the transport is carrying? Also is the frozen Einst being transported? The translation guide isn't too clear but I assume that that's what is being transported.

The translation guide refers to "Razmunanium", which is what's used to transform the Einst into a Jetzt and free it from Stern Neu Regisseur's contrl. Any idea what exactly it is?


First off, the new look is very sleek compared to the original. The original Gespensts look kind of chibi to me and I could never take them seriously, but these new models look fantastic. They look quite menacing for a Gespenst.

Second, THE WEAPONS AND ATTACKS! The F2W Cannon is SO COOL. It's such a versatile and powerful's really too bad Kai doesn't have one on his, even if he took out the folding component and just had it for a mid-range post-movement rifle. Kai already has Jet Magnum S and Jet Phantom, so he definitely doesn't need the F2W finisher. Speaking of those new Jet attacks, they are so awesome. Kai just goes nuts and starts throwing's extremely satisfying, especially against the Wendigo in Scenario 4.

Lastly, their stats are actually quite respectable now. Maxed out they have 7350 HP, 320 EN, 187 Mobility, and 2400 Armor with 6 Movement, flight-capable, ASAS Terrain Ratings, and a Beam Coat. That's more Mobility than the Wildraubtier (pre-UFUB) and more Armor than every Grungust in existence. Seriously, what the hell? That just goes to show you how outdated the OG1 units are now (Wildraubtier, Wildschwein, Armorlion which got nerfed, GM2-R, H008-L, HM2, Valsione), or how poor the Grungust line is in general. The one funny thing about Kai's GM2-C is that it has the same UFUB as always: S Terrain Ratings for Ground, Water, and Space...but the GM2-Cs already have an S on Ground and Space so Kai's UFUB basically just gives you an S in Water. But the GM2Cs can't even go in Water without incurring a movement penalty! Talk about wasted potential for a UFUB...

I'm also not sure what it is, but the Angelg seems really outdated now as well. I found that it was decent in OG2 (though the Vaisaga is a better fit despite Lamia's Ace), but here she just seems very weak. Again I don't know if Armor was nerfed again or if weapons were upgraded once again, but she seems extremely fragile in the Angelg.

Scenario 6: Flames Reborn

I have to say, Kouta really rubbed me the wrong way when I first saw him. Even now I don't really care for Kouta himself, but I like Roa and how they tied him into the story at the end. But up until that point I had no patience for an angsty teen who had a great burden forced upon his shoulders which allowed him to turn into a magical fighter and take down building-size mechs with fireballs. Pretty cheesy stuff. He's easily my least favourite of the new protagonists, and he's also not that great of a pilot: like every SR currently in existence his CK lacks Armor but he desperately wants to get hit and requires the Morale (he's Super Strong), and he has SO MUCH trouble hitting things - almost as badly as Masaki and Lune, which is pretty horrendous.

Looking at this scenario, it makes me wonder how people discover the requirements for the secrets in games like these. Did someone do way too much trial-and-error or did they just look at an info dump from the disc? I just can't fathom how someone can pinpoint that Mai needs exactly 50 kills by Scenario 30 in order to get the Boost Hammer, especially with no hints from the game.

Another quick aside, but how is it that things like the GM2-C, Wildwurger, Armorlion (OG2, pre-nerf), and Raven units have more Armor than any SR out there? Seriously, the Grungusts have great Armor for OG1 but once OG2 hits those things are nearly worthless except for their awesome offensive capabilities (which soon become overshadowed by combination attacks and then better units in general). I just don't understand how a smaller frame can pack more Armor and still cost less, all while maintaining pretty high Mobility (GM2-C 187, Wurger 168, Ravens 150~).

(03-21-2017, 07:18 AM)Hypereia Wrote: Welcome to the forum!

GBA was a great platform for introducing new players to the series. My first SRW was SRWA for GBA, at one point I was so enthralled, I even modified the game to allow myself access to GP-02A. Cool

OG1 and 2 were fantastic games, I played and beat them both in JP, then when I heard Atlus decided to localize them, I had to place pre-orders for them. (Also for Endless Frontier!)

OG2 in particular I'm very fond of; I think it aged pretty well. The Japanese also enjoyed OG2 so much so, there's a number of OG2 mods out there which offer some fun gameplay.

I worked with a friend of mine on an OG2 mod, which was a mod of a mod. (Long story, don't ask Blush ) I had particular interest in it because it changed some of the events of Ouka in particular, which made me very happy.

On another note, not sure if you have time or interest, but check out the X-Omega subforum here. There's also an Akurasu wiki page dedicated to it if you did decide to check it out for yourself.

Anyways, we're glad to have you with us. Take care and have a good evening.

What's GP-02A? I'm not familiar with any SRW series or games outside of OG.

How was Endless Frontier? I don't have a DS so I never had a chance to play that series, but the shift away from SRPG didn't appeal to me anyways. How does the story relate to the OG-verse, if at all?

Man I was so sad with the events surrounding Ouka...are those mods for the GBA versions or the PS2 version?

Is X-Omega a game? Haven't heard of it before.
Quote:What's GP-02A? I'm not familiar with any SRW series or games outside of OG.

A nuclear weapon-equipped Gundam from Gundam 0083 - Stardust Memory, stolen by the main antagonist right at the start of the series. Its call to fame in SRW is the nuke itself, which when present is a MAP weapon with ungodly damage and area covered, whose first apparition was back in 1993 during SRW3.
Nickless One pretty much answered your GP-02A question. It also showed up during SD Gundam G Gen DS at the very least, unfortunately, it was a guest unit from what I recall, or if you do get it, you can't use its nuke.

Endless Frontier, unfortunately, I was never able to finish the game and it's been many years since I played. The game world is a bit of a crossover between series. I'm afraid you'd have to refer to Wikipedia to find out the plot, can't remember it enough to explain. The game did give me some good laughs, but the combat got a bit on the repetitive side for me.

Regarding the OG2 mod: It was only for the GBA version, and only for the JP version of the game unfortunately. Someone from the JP community created a tool which could directly modify parts of the ROM, such as the game script, scenario data and triggers, and pilot data at the least. It also came with a sprite editor, too!

I'm a bit surprised no one from the English SRW community ever was able to translate the tool or modify it to work on the English ROM. A bit of a missed opportunity if you ask me.

As for X-Omega, it's a mobile game which is sort of a RTS tower defense wherein it uses a pseudo rock-paper-scissor system to determine which unit-type has advantage over another. The battlefield is seperated into two areas, your ally area and the enemy area.

In your ally area, you receive a command bonus from the battleship you sortie'd with. The enemies will advance from the left of the screen to the right, your ally area, and will either attack from far or close range at your units or battleship to destroy you.

Maybe this can give you a better idea:

But yeah, it's a fun game, if you want to try it out, let me know, can steer you in the right direction.
FGO (NA): 006,634,728

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