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Arena strategy
I finally beat the Nu Gundam Stage.
Did everyone else have trouble with that or was it just me?

(12-28-2017, 08:04 PM)Mercure Wrote:
(12-28-2017, 09:49 AM)thebigb Wrote: How do you deal with Blaster Amuro, what units can do damage to him?

Just use Destroy (Amuro can't damage Stella at all for 7 hits, thanks to her ranged attack shield).

If you don't have Destroy, better have a unit with a very high chance to attack first, and strike him down before he uses flash+ (27th update added pilot parts, making Blaster Nu evenb scarier since he can use Flash+ and basically save a bunch of stat buff units from being one-hit-killed, if you're too slow)

If you have Akito (Code Geass OVA), you'll kill him with one hissatsu ... but you usually have to get rid of Defender High Grail first Smile

Positioning Chirico so that he get killed first, can also help a bit (huge buff when he dies, and if he doesn't, you're golden).

I don't have any of those units. Sad
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How do you defeat Bob? I can beat him with Alto and Sheryl with a certain setup, but I want more options.



Also how do you defeat Mazinkaiser KS?
Dygenguar? Where did this Bob meme come from? It is probably nearly impossible to kill Sanger by trading normal blows. I am using Taiki Grendizer to one hit hissatsu him. F Laevateinn hissatsu works on Sanger too.
Mazinkaiser KS can also be killed from full health in one hissatsu using Alteisen Square Claymore + Weissriter buff.
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Alteisen and Weiss were a mistake... So many broken units are made with the asssumption that you have these two, despite the fact that they were released in a bait 4 unit step up.

What about King J Der? I don't think I have anyone that can beat him.
I haven't seen J-Der and OGGGG on arena lately.
Usually I use Vital Guarder to cheese a lot of non-Destroy shooter or Kyou Taiki Zegapain.
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What the hell. Silver 3 is the new Gold 3. Getter Go runied everything.
How are you guys doing?
I am hovering between 1300-1400 and still using the same 4-5 months old team, because of this, my defensive team the only things that's relevant on procuring my rank always broke.
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still reeling on Harukaiser and Omega Kallen broken crap to carry me to silver but that's it i need Anemone
Its never too late to start loving again

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So, what's the Nioh Grandson countermeasure?
(02-28-2018, 10:19 PM)srw785 Wrote: So, what's the Nioh Grandson countermeasure?

It's slow, just use a fast unit and stop it from healing.

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