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Arena strategy
Both types of Harukaiser are really the strongest Time-Limited unit. I can't believe I lost twice against its Shooter version today.
I might roll for Grand Charion if she is on the same tier as Harukaiser.
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for the first...time i faced.... nightmare team...

- Eureka
- Anemone
- Excellen
- Kyosuke
- Kusuha


and there's a LOT of Harukaisers now on the 1300 rank up what happened? do they discovered something on the defender one? there's tons of her, tons
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Probably because Harukaiser can tank Rein Weissriter hissatsu for 0 damage.
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Let me go down the list..

Zegapain Altier QL - Hey, one of my units actually got buffed. Neat.
Denjin Dimension - Made him faster, made him tankier, made him stronger.
Lancelot - EX Ability treatment, time to forget that he exists again.
Yoko S - They improved her buff.
Yoko B - They improved her buff.
Tauburn Compartment - Made him faster and higher crit damage. I hope he doesn't become annoying in the arena. That will depend on how fast he is.
Dragonar 1 - Improved.
Banshee - Instead of fixing the problem they went around it. Might be ok in Conquest VS ##-F(uck you)
Providence - They made him like Defender C.C. Hers gives armor and attack, his gives evasion  and accuracy, useful with all the dodgy defenders we're getting. I wonder if his phase shift lets him take zero damage from Weissritter?

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