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Arena strategy
(10-07-2017, 11:45 AM)Mai Wrote: i suppose you are gold ranked already? i can barely win most matches vs Eurekas

Yea, but I'm pretty much stuck at the start of Gold *. Any further than that I'm stonewalled by the higher level Anemone and the E/A + Broken Taiki configurations. Also, Shooter Evasion teams, seeing you only have a 5% chance to hit something that has bunshin and gets a core everytime it dodges and the other teammates have 0 chance to hit them, oh man, never again Sad .
Vaccine for the current arena thing is Nia lol
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

What did Nia do?
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she gives + 100% armor + 50% Aim and + 500 speed to all the units around her despite their type and own boosts, if they are defenders, + 200% armor + 80% block chance, + 800 speed.

run her with Ange + status effects protection, and now you get turns.
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Nia is indeed amazing, but, well I think you need to check her abilities again. She has one buff for defenders, then a buff after her robot explodes.
This is her team buff: 味方ディフェンダーの攻撃力20%、命中率40%、装甲100%アップ、行動力300アップ
This is her "My robot exploded, avenge me!" Buff: 自分が撃破されたとき、味方の装甲100%アップ、行動力200アップ
This one is all for Best Girl: 攻撃力、命中率、状態異常耐性50%アップ、行動力500アップ。さらに防御確率80%アップ

Side comment: I think it'd be a nice touch if they made it so that if you are going to win the match with a hissatsu, the Cross Omega cutin should be shown.
Mai, I found you're team in Arena mode, and your defence team is bad.
I won the battle before you even could make a hit.
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Of course, my arena teams are made of unequipped units and i think i don't have a single lvl 80 unit on any of them, while you use 5 lvl80 Taiki units all with V parts and lvl 80.

still managed to take down 4 of them with a lvl 70 Kallen alone with zero V-parts on her, with no help from Anemone you team is also pretty bad, Kallen is a pretty old unit i believe that Anemone can probably take down your team by herself, turn 1 or 2

i mostly let a single unit during all the week and sunday swap to 5 random SSR units to try to grab 2 Omgs from the arena
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

My boy Suzaku is finally getting buffed!! Time to remember that he exists. He's getting the EX ability treatment, isn't he?
Zegapain is getting buffed, wonder how that will go.
Hopefully they get rid of the ridiculous HP dependent abilities for Marida, they're useless unless they're like Red Shoulder Custom.
Also curious about defender Providence, I have 2 of him.
Oh hey, Dragonar 1 Custom is on the buff list too. Nice to see they fucking remembered the series exists. Now can we get D2 and D3, or the Falguen MAFFU?
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Requesting thread title be changed to "Arena $trategy"
"Arena Tragedy" also works!

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