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Iron Fist

At first I was like, "meh, another marvel series that probly won't suit my taste."

Then I find out Marco Polo's the lead, "I'm definitely gonna watch it no matter how boring it may get." Big Grin
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Turns out, it isn't Marco Polo. The teaser I saw was too brief and didn't clearly show his face.
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That reminded me, I still need to finish Marco Polo season 2.
Remember to watch 100 eyes side-story before starting season 2. And the plot thickens in season 2.
Mega Nutrients
I did watch that before Season 2 even out.
Anyway, about Iron Fist: Yeah, I definitely think he looked like Marco Polo.
Haven't started watching yet, though.
I hope they eventually do an adaptation of the Seven Cities of Heaven arc from the comics.
Watched the first episode. Still not feeling it. Hmm...

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