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Sakura Taisen Collab Event: Stream of Tears
(03-15-2017, 07:28 PM)Jotaro Kujo Wrote: Can we limit break and get the Taiki version of the non-Oogami units whenever or only during the event?

You get the Taiki version when they reach level 70, in the unit quest.
So, yes you can get the Taiki version whenever, such as a year form now.

Fun fact, the Taiki units are unlocked with all abilities unlocked, as they have no unit quest.
If you don't care about quests you can save 12 AP and not do the final quest.

I got a Level 75 Taiki... Yay.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
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Feel free to correct if there are any errors present:

Kobu Type 2 (Sakura)
Reiken Arataka
Normal: Largely increases attack
Arena: Increase critical damage by 10% for each attack

Hokushin Ittou Ryu
Normal: Increased evasion and largely increased movement speed
Arena: 30% accuracy up, action gauge up

Broiled Mochi
Normal: Largely increases critical rate
Arena: When HP is 2/3 or more. Critical and evasion rate up by 25%

Lineage of Crushing Evil
Normal: Largely increases hissatsu
Arena: If hissatsu deals a critical hit, enemy defense is ignored and barrier pierce

EX Ability (arena):
Core Generation (Hissatsu) Lv. 2
80% chance to earn a rainbow core if hissatsu deals a critical hit
Kobu Type 2 (Sumire)
Kanzaki Fujin Ryuu
Normal: Large increase on attack and accuracy
Arena: Barrier penetration on regular attacks, can disable after image

Normal: Medium chance of having normal attacks apply burn
Arena: Normal attack has a 70% chance to apply burn for 3 turns

The One and Only Daughter of Kanzaki Heavy Industries
Normal: Increase attack power every enemy hit
Arena: Accuracy up by 60% and critical rate up by 30%. Action gauge up

Top Star of the Empire
Normal: Increased damage against enemies with status effects
Arena: Increase attack by 50% against against enemies with status effects

EX Ability (arena):
Defense Probability Lv.5
Defense up by 80%
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]
I've been saving OMG crystals for a long time so I have a lot, I went ahead and got five of the six event units and will probably get all six (need the green one) BECAUSE there's no deadline to make these Taiki units. As long as I have them then I can take my time to level them up, plus it will be easier to get that white one too. The step-up gacha is a trap but you do get tickets which is where I got most of my units. So potentially if you get all 7 you have, in time, 7 future Taiki units but as usual it depends on how many OMG crystals you have and want to spend on this event.
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I don't need yet another attacker, which unit is best to use in a team with Dynames?
Li, she seems a status inflicting monster which is awesome for Dynames but Maria seems the better shooter?
Also does Maria inflict slow?

edit: Iris is a taiki from the start or so it is said on Dengeki... After reading on dengeki I want all of them now lol
edit2: went with Maria I'll try to get Li and Iris next...
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Have you seen the yellow one? That thing is hilarious, dancing non-stop shooting star projectiles.
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Oh... good with my Arena rewards coming in a few days I can get enough OMG for another 4 Tickets. That another unit I can get.

But which one?
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Hey bigb, added you on my new account if you had room to spare. :-)
FGO (NA): 006,634,728
(03-15-2017, 08:37 PM)Hypereia Wrote: Hey bigb, added you on my new account if you had room to spare. :-)

Done. I'm the one with the Level 75 (soon).

EDIT: Oh..... The 4 Tickets for 30 OMG ends on the 18th.. and we get Arena rewards on the 20th.
So, I'm only a few OMG short and that's assuming it's 30 OMG and not 40.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Hyperia: did u get the defender one for conquest stage 25? Tongue

Fever time lasts almost 10 mins now, good!
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On another note, what did you guys get from the SP ticket? I got the pink Heinherm with the axe, been wanting that one too.


@Hokuto, I followed what bigb suggested and got the defender, yeah. Pretty cool unit!
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