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Falcom General Topic
There's a problem with that. Even if it's already translated, they can't exactly use the same scripts for a new version of it unless they already planned for it during the initial negotiations and contracts or pay royalties to the translation and localizers. Which most likely wasn't thought of in NA. Same with the voice acting. It was most likely already planned for the PC release, but not PS4 Sen 1 and 2.

An example is Neptune Rebirth 2 and 3. Even though the Vita ports story wise were 99% exactly the same story content and dialogue wise, they legally can't have used the same translation and script from the original PS3 games, because those weren't in the original contracts from the translators, localization staff etc, not to mention, they were 2 different companies now.

Likewise, there's no guarantee Sen PS4 will be given to Exseed and not someone more capable like Fatlus. I hate Fatlus and they can go fuck themselves, but from a business standpoint, if Falcom wants to get more brand recognition in the west and they should, using Atlus as a publisher who is already famous among weabs for Persona, would be a good deal. Not to mention since they're more then willing to pay extra for the real/JP Audio, additional content, and so on. If that's the case, they can't use any of the localization assets done by Exceed.

Also, there might be no reason to recode the games for PS4, because either it will just be a port of the PC version or Sen I and II will most likely be semi recreated using Sen III as the basis for it, since the assets from the last 2 games will most likely all be in the Sen III in some way or form aside from unique locations like the Blazing Palace, Testarossa, etc.
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If not ExSeed or Atlus, who else is there to go to for publishing the game? NISA? Screw them, they are worse than Atlus and Exseed especially with translations. I don't know your hate for Atlus aside from the Persona 5 translation, cause I don't really know anyone who dispises them for any other reason.

NISA I've had a major problem with for many years, given how poor their translations have been for mulitple games and they have had some coding problems with games too. Exseed does a pretty good job with translations and aside from lack of JP voice option and localization title (Cold Steel) they haven't done anything wrong. Problem with Exseed is that they are a small company compared to Atlus and NISA and take their time with translating, especially given how big the scripts are for the Kiseki games in general. They do a pretty decent job with english dubs especially compared to most JRPG dubs outside of Atlus, but that doesn't make a difference since you despise dubs for JP games especially JRPGs in general.
Has nothing to do with P5, I just dislike them for overall localizations in general.

Nisa practically is dead at this point. They really just have Disgaea and that's it.
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Aksys is the only publisher left that Falcolm has worked with as they are localizing Tokyo Xanadu. But they don't publish much JRPGs.

Like I said, Xseed is a small company and they take more time to localize games. That might've been a reason why Falcolm went to NISA for Ys 8.
There is Mastiff but i don't think they have released anything notable in recent years.
Not really. They're pretty much dead. The only publishers that still really work on bringing over niche JP titles are Idea Factory, NIS 'murrca, Exseed and Fatlus.
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Since 2013 Idea Factory also mostly publishes its own in-house developed games from Japan, especially Compile Heart and Otomate. Don't expect them to publish other developer's games. I used to like Compile Heart games, but they have become very stale and boring now, last one I enjoyed was Fairy Fencer F. In terms of publishers for J-RPGs, Atlus is the strongest with its selection of games outside of the ones it develops in house, XSeed used to get dibs on Falcolm games but not so much recently for some reason, although they helped pave the way for Falcolm to put their games on Steam.

Aksys does publish J-RPGs every once in a while, they used to do more a couple of years ago.
Aksys mostly does Visual Novels, including BlazBlue which is basically one.
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Yeah tell me about it.
There is also MokeyPaw/GaijnWork but i wouldn't depend on them.

What happened to that small company (they are 2 guys, a very fantastic two guys) that handled the translation for Tits SC ?
Never heard from them ever since.
i will get all the 3 again on steam once they're available there, Atlus? nah i don't see they translating Sen, sounds more of a game that Ideaf or NIS would take, Atlust mostly want big tittles with world wide huge fanbase, they rarely translate games like Legend of Heroes
Its never too late to start loving again

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