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Falcom General Topic
(04-11-2016, 12:54 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: I actually managed to finish Trails of Cold Steel.
Total play time around 70 hours.

Technically, for Trails of Cold Steel II to sell, they have to really market the first one.  Because I'm very sure that the game will sell lower than the first game. Afterall, nobody wants to play a game mid-story, and not everybody wants to play Cold Steel II if they don't like the first one (gameplay doesn't click, or story sucks, etc.)

Sadly one of the big problems with the Sen no Kiseki series is that Sen I, is pretty boring at times and is really just one massive introduction to the characters, factions, story, etc. So a lot of people get turned off because they didn't really do much of anything major aside from the events in the prologue. And also since Sen is just 1 piece in a large series of games that are all parts of one massive story and events, it's even harder for some people to get interested.

However, Sen no Kiseki II is just outright amazing. It starts off right where I ended with it's cliff hanger, and then goes full throttle from there on until the end. And then even after it ends, It STILL keeps on keeping on by giving fans the special Crossbell Gaiden chapter staring Lloyd and Rixia.

I probably spent some 2-300 hours on the games. (Fie is just outright Broken in II, it's great)
My favorites are Laura, Fie and Towa.
Laura 'cos she's badass with a sword. Fie because I generally like female ninjas. And Towa because she's super cute. ^^
Too bad Towa isn't playable.
She is in Sen II. Albeit she's just a guest character. Thuogh In the FINAL Final FINAL Dungeon, (which takes palce AFTER the epilogue and AFTER the Crossbell Gaiden), You get to fully player with her, and all the other guest characters as well.

I don't know if the ENG version of Sen II will get it off the bat, but Falcom eventually gave us an update that lets you play as Crow/Altina/Vita/Rixia/Lloyd in that same funal dungeon. (You basically buy a stupidly expensive item, equip it to a character of the corresponding gender, and it repaces their character data). It was just something they did for fun.

For me best girls were Fie and Towa, easily. And it was great that Towa was in Tokyo Xanadu, because she and Punished Snake were pretty much the best characters in the game. (Sadly she wasn't playable in it). Although still no real info on why Towa is there. It's not just smoeone who looks like Towa, It literally is. It's even the same character model from Sen II. (There's no story connection or anything, she's just in TX for some reason)

Fie,Fie was just great. Especially if you equip her right. In Sen II my Fie pretty much had a 100% Dodge rate, 100% counter rate, and insanely fast speed and attack rate. She quite literally broke the game.

Sadly a few of the other characters and their master Quartzes get nerfed. Especially Rean.
Fie was the girl that pass half of the game sleeping right? lol

i liked many characters as for the girls i liked Sarah Smile
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

More or less. But half the time it's cause she's bored. Combat wise, She's pretty much leauges ahead of everyone. Also lazy.

Though in Sen II you lean more about her, her back story, and is probably one of the more interesting characters.
We already got the general background for Fie in the first game. So we get to explore her background even more? Nice!

Can't wait for Trails of Cold Steel II, but I don't think I'm gonna do a video playthrough again. Big Grin
Yeah in Sen II you learn a LOT about Fie, Rean, Sarah, Crow and a few others. One of them being a massive spoiler/event that I won't spoil unless asked.

Alisa, Makias, and Elliot, not so much.
Recent interview with the boss of Falcom.

-Sen no Kiseki III's ground bases is done, now they can start in full development in the summer. (Since Ys is out of the way now)
-He's thinking of making it PS4 exclusive, but they're not sure yet because it would alienate a large amount of the fan base, and Vita was actually the majority platform for both Sen I and II IIRC.
I like how Falcom's official promo material for the Ys DLC is literally just an ass shot.
[Image: aw9i939.jpg]

If only Sen I and II had better DLC outfits. =/
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
XSEED Gives Fans Localization Update on Trails in the Sky the 3rd

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