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Code Geass Oz Event: A Sword To protect Life
Is there no Defender unit that gets a bonus for this event?
(02-28-2017, 11:28 PM)thebigb Wrote: Event Unit:

Could someone tell me what it's abilities does, and will it work for conquest 65?


[Image: 11800115.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break:
HP  9570
ATK 5550
DEF 4730
AGI 5680

Hyper Aura Slash
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 2 Cores; Rage 4 Squares Across; Rushing Combo Damage + Increased Damage/Hit
- (Arena Mode) Costs 2 Cores; Targets 1 Enemy; Deals 150% Damage x 3; Ignores Guard


- (Normal/Conquest) Increase ATK and Accuracy
- (Arena) Increase ATK by 10%; Increase Accuracy by 15%

Mask of Hatred (憎悪の仮面|Zuou no Kamen)
- (Normal/Conquest) If HP is below 3/4, greatly increase ATK, increase Accuracy
- (Arena) Add 50% to Guard Rate

Black Armor (黒き鎧|Kuroki Yoroi}
- (Normal/Conquest) If HP is less than 50%, raise Critical Hit Rate
- (Arena) If HP is above 2/3, 40% chance of activating Bunshin

Hated of Aura Power (憎しみのオーラ力|Nikushimi no Aura Chikara)
- (Normal/Conquest) If HP is less than 1/8, normal attacks pierce Barriers. (lasts until the end of battle)
- (Arena) 30% to Dodge Rate, greatly increase Action Gauge Speed
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(02-28-2017, 11:48 PM)180223 Wrote: Man, I'm so tempted to do the step-up gatcha for the Huckebein but I have been burned before so I'm really conflicted.

It takes a huge amount of luck. Burned all of my story OMG savings just moments ago for nothing Sad
Yup did the complete step-up gacha and got zero SSR's lol.
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I was one the fence and almost wanted to roll, but you guys convinced me not To, thanks. (No really, because I know we're going to get somethung goof for summer, and I want a's many crystas a's possible. )
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yes its not worth, since they reduced the rates after Daltanias release i got nothing save for units from guaranteed tickets, last event i did loads of rolls and didn't got a single SR, its probably better to spend the Omgs on Marvel or pulling on the OMG fes since i fear that the old rates are now OMG fes rates, and the new rates are like 2% or 1% something like that, its fishy that they don't announce them

just the forced SSR roll.
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Summer will be the time for Honoka to shine again, I predict a swimsuit Honoka with Taiki Shooter Van Ein Alva
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I predict Swimsuit Oleev, Katslina, new Shattered etc. Not so much Honoka of only because she's still the least liked character in the game.
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(02-28-2017, 11:58 PM)srw785 Wrote:
(02-28-2017, 11:46 PM)thebigb Wrote: Wing Zero does not stop barriers.

Boss borots have barriers? I thought they had really high armor?

Edit: Hold on, it just has barrier penetration, no attack passthrough. My bad.

I looked at Conquest mode, and someone did it with a level 60 Hyaibein.
So, I don't think it would work. I really want that Hyaibein.

(02-28-2017, 11:28 PM)thebigb Wrote: Hated of Aura Power (憎しみのオーラ力|Nikushimi no Aura Chikara)
- (Normal/Conquest) If HP is less than 1/8, normal attacks pierce Barriers. (lasts until the end of battle)
- (Arena) 30% to Dodge Rate, greatly increase Action Gauge Speed

Barrier Piercing does sound good, I'll going to maxed out it out, anyway.

The 1000 chips, is really high. 1 AP Potion gives 35 Chips.
I'll get 1 Blaster or Fighter Ticket and that's it done with getting chips.
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How is the Billbine in the chip shop? I don't have it. I don't think it's worth spending 30-50 AP potions for it, right?

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