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Code Geass Oz Event: A Sword To protect Life
A Dupe Attacker Haman.
This is the 2nd time, I gotten an SSR from the EX Ticket's. So far no Pick Up Unit's
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I got only one and it was from Omgs it was Getter Dragon not a dupe so its ok for now.

Mattman what happened to the 32514848 Asukas that you got!? you sure got some Asukas now because gosh they did so many freaking Asukas lol, Asukas and Kallens and now C.C's as well

and dang it i wanted the Defender Kallen she looks neat can stun, at least i got Defender Oldrin that can also stun, but Oldrin don't flies and forget her skirt at home everyday
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I meant Eva 01, but I don't think I actually have an Asuka 02 somehow.

I have her in 03, and I have like two Reis in SSR, and SR Blaster Mari, and a couple SR 01s and an SSR 01, but no Asuka in Eva 02 as far as I recall, far away from my X-O player.
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90k coins gave me Defender Dunbine, hahah.

edit: Holy crap! Right after event ended, on my final single 10k coin pull, I pulled Z Gundam Roux.

Yay, this event was totally worthwhile.
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