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Back into SRW
Hello SRWG family. 

I've been a member since the alpha days. 
Joining back in celebration of SRWV.
This place hasn't changed at all (still awesome)

Also, Sup Daba!
Welcome back
[Image: DragenGD.png]
cb1 the brave
Hi there buddy.

Your avater was the Ideon sign iirc right?
Anyway welcome.
Welcome back.
I remember you, for your avatar, welcome back Smile
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


Though it's awkward for me since we're constantly in contact on FB lmfao
[Image: 1xgs6Oy.gif]
Welcome back fellow same-initials-in-our-online-names buddy!
It has been nostalgic and funny for me to be here again thanks to SRW V. In the old forum I was known as Time Diver and usually always post SRW and Nanoha related stuff while arguing with hmmmm...can't remember, Ovan on whether Nanoha Force is good or not. There are many things happen IRL that have made me busy such as I am now working by myself and my last SRW is UX. Heck! I haven't got a time to even touch Z3 Tengoku and Jigoku Hen.

Everything started to come back when Moon Dweller came in English, as I played the game albeit very slowly. It was perhaps a twist of fate that SRW V was announced soon afterwards and localized in English for Asia release. When I pre order it, I was wary on whether I would still be able to love SRW after leaving it for quite some times. (Don't get me wrong, I love Moon Dweller but there are other games that I love more than it back then, namely Souls series). It was when I started to play my copy of SRW V I was once again remember on how I truly love this whole SRW franchises and mecha series in general.

I remember when I almost religiously playing every SRW games back then, finishing them, discussing them, as well as collecting its merchandise such as original mecha figurines and other mecha related figurines. I once again remember on how I wrote some fanfic based on the series, imagining myself suddenly found a titular original mecha and fight in intergalactic war (well, I was young and innocent back then).

Now that I play SRW V in English and having a lot more mature perspective while playing it, I couldnt help myself from feeling extremely grateful for being reminded over how wonderful the series is, as well as Super Robot Wars Genesis Forum in which I usually get the information from. Because of that, here I am, back in this forum and I would once again extend my greeting to Daba and other senior members from the old SRW Genesis Forum that I know back then.

Anyway, welcome back EW-01...!

Glad to be here and let us restart this wonderful Voyage from here on...
I remember you, happy to see you back buddy.
This place is getting better and better, whats with all the veteran coming back again, almost feels at home again here.

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