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Custom BGM song recommendations?
So I've pretty much settled on what to use for BGM for those series returning from Z3 and Cross Ange and Nadesico. But I've got a problem figuring out what to use for the other series, mainly due to lack of info or in the case of Gaine, never having seen it.

What did you guys end up using for custom BGM?
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00 Gundam got Ash Like Snow and The Concept Of Love for Setsuna (UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND)

CCA got Here Comes Char and Nu Gundam.

Cross Ange had basically everything I wanted in the premium edition, so I just got Vivian and Salamandinay TROGDOR THE BURNiNATOR.

Crossbone Gundam got You, Starring: This Time I'm Seeing You and that ASSRAN ZARA Crossbone X1 mashup.

Daitarn got its Impact theme and Dueling Banjos (for the combo)

FMP got the A Team theme.

SEED Destiny got Shangri-La (because that meme never gets old) and some ASSRAN ZARA videos.

Hathaway got Stand Up To The Victory

Might Gaine also had all the things I wanted... Except Black Diamond. I got that.

Eva got Cruel Angel's Thesis, Engel, I Think I'm A Clone Now (those fifteen+ year old AMVs), with a dash of Betterman Forte's theme.

Getter Armageddon got Geppy X, Shin Dragon's theme from Daikessen, and YUUSOU, though of course the last of those ended up being pointless.

Mazinger got the anime Ore Wa Mazinkaiser, the 2000s Great Mazinger opening, and Tsuyoki Mono Yo.

Grungust Zan and Black Hole are of course in.

Didn't really have anything for Yamato or Nadesico.

Zambot 3 got Moon Gazer, the opening from an obscure PS1 game called Hexamoon Guardians that had a rather Zamboty robot.

Zeta got Zeta Activates and Z Toki Wo Koete.

ZZ got Activate! Double Zeta.
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For Might Gaine units, I actually used "Justice (Leo's Theme)" from Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete. I was going to use songs from GaoGaiGar (particularly Yuusha Oh Tanjou! or Saikyo Yuusha Robo Gundan) but that just didn't feel right somehow. I still haven't figured out everyone else yet (Well, beyond Cross Ange getting Nana Mizuki songs). I'm thinking of digging up "Gate of Hell" from Mazinkaiser for the Mazinger units.

Also the entire Nier Autoata OST
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I do actually enjoy the Gundam ZZ theme used in MX. Forgot the title to the song though.
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Meh, if I ever get the Asian version, I'd just use the vocal versions that I have stored on my PS3 and computers (and if I don't have them, I'll get them). But Soji and Chitose are a good exercise in assigning completely different songs, all Japanese of course:

Soji: Raimei (T.M.Revolution, Thunderbolt Fantasy OP) & THE DAY (Porno Graffiti, My Hero Academia OP)
Chitose: CHASE THE WORLD (May'n, Accel World OP) & Kimi no Matsu Sekai (LAGOON, Magic Kaitou OP)
My list may be slightly on the nose.

Banjo (Norazo's 'superman'):
Daitarn kids (3 minute record) -
Kamille (real man's man):
Judau (everything sucks):
Hathaway's flash (garfunkel & oates I don't know you):
Amuro (go! fighting aciton power):
Char (cooler than you):
Char's ass-hair clone from Unicorn (kkk took my baby away - shonen knife cover):
Banagher (space unicorn) (duh):
Every minor Gundam character (Klingon Kiss Me):
Crossbone lads (worst pirate in the world):
Destiny kids (Pick of Destiny):
Setsuna (threw it on the ground):
Lockon 2 (boten anna):
Tieria (purple toupee):
H/Allelujah (Hallelujah rock mix):
Whoever the hell pilots Mighty Gaine (Numbered Days):
Emo Akito (Lego Batman's darkness song):
Gai (meatloaf - alive):
Other Nadesico types (stop in the name of love - globe cover):
Getter Team (crank getter remix):
Kouji (Tranzor Z theme):
Sayaka (I would never):
Tetsuya (A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do):
Boss (Men Behaving Badly):
Sousuke (killing machine):
Tessa (glad you're a lolicon):
Kurz (ladies first): (walk hard soundtrack)
Mao (schadenfreude):
EVA kids (when you were young):
Yamatosers (Data & Picard remix):
Cross Ange-ies (Gravity Squeeze):
Originals (Believe it or not/greatest american hero):

And that's tentatively it.
PRESERVED ROSES on Vilkiss and tomorrow on Sousuke / ARX-7, ARX-8

Remixed versions. If anyone wants a copy of it. You can download it in the link provided.

Valvrave - PRESERVED ROSES (SRW ver.)

Full Metal Panic - tomorrow (SRW ver.)
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(02-24-2017, 02:08 PM)jolly_old_saint Wrote: My list may be slightly on the nose.

Kamille (real man's man):

[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]

Someone apparently did custom soundtracks for SRWV and went out of their way to loop them to 10 mins. Haven't had a chance to download it yet (for lack of space lol) and check it out.

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