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SRWV Secrets Thread
^ What stage is that Daba?
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The FAZZ isn't in the game, unless they didn't tell us that Sentinel was in the plot. If you mean the Full Armor ZZ, maybe? Not sure yet.
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Technically Full Armor ZZ is also called FAZZ for short, Gundam Sentinel version is especially the prototype for it. Structurally they are the same unit, just the Judau version doesn't have the extra cannon and the sentinel version has less sturdy armor.

It seems most of the secrets involve ace pilot status, the only secret I've gotten so far is Eva 13 and I had Shinji aced before it.
G Generation differentiate between FAZZ and Full Armor ZZ, so is Alpha Gaiden IIRC. They're a different unit.
(03-01-2017, 11:00 AM)Daba Myroad Wrote: OK Black Mightgaine showed up to join me when my group conversed together. So basically it has no kill count requirement. Just trigger the secret scenario. I assume you can get him earlier if you joined up with Ange and the others on the routesplit on the 20s.

Got the FAZZ. Is this a secret too? If it is, perhaps it has something to do using Puru and Puru 2 along with Banagher to convince Marida on scenario 30.

Yes its a secret, i don't know what triggers it, saw some videos of it and people where asking how the person who did the videos obtained the upgrade for ZZ
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(03-02-2017, 10:45 AM)yazi Wrote: Technically Full Armor ZZ is also called FAZZ for short

Nope. Sunrise explicitly distinguishes the two. Full Armor ZZ is always fully written out in katakana in the MS Encyclopedia, and they're also given different model numbers (FA-010A for the FAZZ and FA-010S for the Full Armor ZZ)
Ah, my bad, thank you guys for the info. I'll keep this in mind from now on. I forgot about the katakana aspect where the Sentinel FAZZ is called FAZZ while the Full Armor ZZ is called that in katakana.

These secret stages seem to be connected to ace pilot status rather than SR points, although I'm guessing that SR points will play a factor in the last routes of the game.
Also, when Sentinel was in the data for Alpha 2, one of the many units in from it was, in fact, the FAZZ, spelled exactly that way. Also in Alpha 2 was the secret unit known as the Full Armor ZZ, spelled that way as well.
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Forgive me for the semantic issue. I just typed FAZZ as an acronym out of laziness and didn't realize there are 2 different units. Back in the old SRWG days we kept calling FA ZZ Gundam as FAZZ, contextually understanding it was Full Armor ZZ Gundam. Anyway, setting that aside. I got the FA ZZ Gundam and the missile parts for Xi, but failed to get Alpha Aziel. Loni didn't have a convince command between Mafty and Banagher. I did blow her up using Banagher, but still no Alpha Aziel on 38. Perhaps it'll come later?

As for the Puru twins with the convince command on Marida, I forgot what it is, but it's the stage where Riddhe finally gets in the Banshee for the 1st time. Banagher also has a convince command here too.
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I got Riddhe automatically and I did not use the convince command at all nor did I take Unicorn specific route splits. I did beat him with Banager the 1st time though.

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