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SRWV Secrets Thread
Did not get Black Might Gaine or Bonta-Kun stage, guess I'll have to see if 2nd playthrough its a automatic thing?
I didnt get the Bonta kun secret scenario after 27. I assume it has something to do with total kills of the M9 team.

My current hypothesis is Jerid and Yazan are route specific, as well as Jill. I took all UC Gundam route split.
[Image: 1xgs6Oy.gif]
I wanted black gaine but never got him. Took all the earth routes but nothing. Maito is great ace now tho at stage 31. I'll try again on second playthrough.
(02-28-2017, 04:30 PM)EW-01 Wrote: I wanted black gaine but never got him. Took all the earth routes but nothing.  Maito is great ace now tho at stage 31.  I'll try again on second playthrough.

I got Black Miaghtgaine when I rejoined with the rest of the cast after staying in the UC Dimension. Weird...
You don't need Gaine aced. Might need a number (maybe 40-60) of kills between him and the bombers (and the conditions could be easier if you don't take his route). I'm betting it's a "kill gaine's boss with gaine" thing, though.

Mind that black doesn't actually join right after his scenario (which is after stage 17). He comes in waaaaay later. For reasons.
The secret stage is after the first appearance of Joe the Ace, right? I would hazard a guess that one of the conditions is that you need to 1v1 Joe with Mightgaine.
yeah, definitely 1v1 him. he makes a comment to not butt in if you make another unit attack him.
OK so the only way to confirm this is when all my team join back from the route. If Black Mightgaine joins me here I can confirm it. It will also mean no kill counts are involved. Just trigger the secret stage.
[Image: 1xgs6Oy.gif]
I think the secret scenario is before Joe even shows up? Unless you take the "Go to Japan" route, maybe (I didn't and still got it). Just killing the first Gaine villain who shows up with him (and maybe some combined kill count for the gaine guys) should do the trick.

There's a bit of dialogue for feeding Koda a couple of kills in scenario 19. Probably a part of something larger.

And I think someone on gamefaqs mentioned a secret crossbone-themed stage with some bonus parts. Could be from acing Kincaide/Tobia early. And acing Ruri before stage 37 apparently unlocks an extra attack for Nadesico.
OK Black Mightgaine showed up to join me when my group conversed together. So basically it has no kill count requirement. Just trigger the secret scenario. I assume you can get him earlier if you joined up with Ange and the others on the routesplit on the 20s.

Got the FAZZ. Is this a secret too? If it is, perhaps it has something to do using Puru and Puru 2 along with Banagher to convince Marida on scenario 30.
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