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Unit draft for GBA SRW
Hi everyone, I'm a long-time SRW fan looking to organize a unit draft. For those unfamiliar, a unit draft involves usually 4-5 players which take turns drafting units to use in a playthrough of the game, with the goal being to finish in as few turns as possible. Thus far, I've found two other interested players on other forums I frequent, but that's not enough people, so I did some searching online and came across this place. I figure we would decide which game to run after getting the players together, with J, OG1, or OG2 being the most likely candidates. I'll make a list of draftable units once we know which game we're running.

- New game (no NG+)
- Upgrades allowed
- Battle Masteries optional (if running OG1 or OG2)
- You may only use units you drafted, unless forced to by the game
- Battleships are free to be used by everyone
- If running J, Banpresto Originals are free to be used by everyone
- Deploying a unit that you did not draft and were not forced to deploy incurs a 4 turn penalty for that map for each additional unit deployed
- Drafting will follow a pattern of 123 321 123 321 etc until all units have been drafted
- If fewer units remain than the number of players in a drafting round, the remaining units will be considered free for everyone

Would anyone be interested in participating in this?
How do you handle pilot swap units like the Gundams?

If you draft a secret, can you use the character required to get said secret for that purpose? I.E. If you draft Meio and his Falguen, can you use Kain to get the kills?
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For 1. Mechs are drafted, not pilots. So for example, if you draft one of the Skygrasper units in J, you can put any Gundam pilot of your choosing in it. Also, units that change or are replaced during the story (e.g. Mazinger Z -> Mazinkaiser or Alteisen -> Alteisen Reese) are counted as the same unit for the purposes of the draft.

For 2. If you draft a secret that requires a certain character to have kills, then make sure you also draft a legal unit for that character. As far as I'm aware, there are no kill requirements in J, and OG1+2 let you swap pilots around more or less freely, so it shouldn't be an issue. For secrets that require e.g. a specific character shoots down an enemy, or e.g. a specific character convinces an enemy, those cases are usually forced deploy anyway, so you're permitted to use that unit for that map anyway.

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