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Now we Idol Event: Girls Conecting Spirits (Idollmaster Collab + Diebuster)
[Image: CokDhTX.jpg]


Mami and Ami are popular at school and live their normal daily lives, someday they find a giant robot made by their grandfather, the "Kisarigi" and inside it a mysterious glowing stone.

in a couple of months they find themselves in the situation where the earth and the space are divided, because of space invaders, they been fighting on the army of the earth alongside help, on a journey that will lead them into deep space.

Type of Event:

- Foe Event

New Systems:

- Implementation of the "giant Size units system"

- Office of chip exchange (they say that its more rewarding take with piles of salt)
- Idollmaster units are the first units that will have a battle theme on X-Omega,  that they are deployed there's a random change that the bgm "Arcadia" will play.   /it will also play during the event


- Day 1 of the event give you a SR Kisarigi and a SR Hulkaiser
- 25 Amethyst tickets probably gives us a SSR Kisarigi so you can have missed 2 days and you're ok.

Twitter Event:

- Apparently Idolmaster fans spamed our twitter like no tomorrow, and we got all the things, yeah that's unexpected we got all the things, here it is:

~ Ami and Mami (Overmaster)Pilot Parts with Voice
~ Hallstain Pilot part (Hulkaiser) with Voice.
~ 20 OMG crytals
~ Premium SSR Ticket (that one that gives acess to all units of the game, minus the limited ones, meaning that you can pull Taikis and Blasters out of it)

Event Unit Reward:

- Dix Neuf and Valentines L'arc (She will probably be a attacker, I'm really surprised that its L'arc, she don't really fits this Idol thing)

Event Start (Japan Time):

~ 2/1/ 0:00

Event Ends (Japan time):

~ 8/1 13:59

We have a PV this time:

Units Skills:

~ Ami/Mami ~
Killer skill lvl 3, Drop increase lvl 2(increase by 10% the chance of SR L'arc drops), Special effect (gives 50% more red tickets)
~ C.C ~
Killer skill lvl2, Drop increase lvl 1 (5% more chance of L'arc drop), Special effect (25% more red tickets)
~ Hallstain ~
Killer skill lvl3, Again (when you beat the foe he appear again 40% of the time), Drop increase lvl 3 (15%), Special Effect lvl 3 ( + 200% red chips)
~Domon&Rein ~
Killer Skill lvl 3, Again,Drop Increase lvl3, Special Effect lvl 3.

Anyone know a Idol joke? can i do a Diebuster one Instead? oh well

when you can't get any Idol don't be sad, L'arc can Idol too!
[Image: wgG3VW2.gif]
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Giant size unit system, what is that supposed to be?
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Lol that it's the non playing idol master fans that are the reason we're getting thenitems.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Does it say how you can get Harukaizer? I really want it.

I was going to say something about the Kisaragi before, about how it looks too big to be a playable character. But with the Giant Unit system it makes sense.

Quote:This event fee,
Chocolate covered Lark's boarding "Denof ☆"
Furthermore, at the first implementation "rewarding chip exchange office" with reward
Also big unit type! Is it?

Is the Dixneuf a taiki?
Friggin Foe event. Sad
I want that L'arc.
Oneesama has chocolate skin that's why.
^tasty, chocolate skin.

Hoping that this event won't be as bad as the last one. I'm still 300 Advent's short of even getting either a Blaster/Fighter ticket at this rate.
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I'm at 22k chips, hoping to get 25k.
New Units are out.

So far no "Arcadia" is playing.
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The event base gacha is on there's 2 Taikis.

~ 20 amethyst tickets gets you a copy of the SSR Kisarigi (that's actually a L sized unit like all the other ones ._. ), with 10 Amethysts you do a 10 pull but no guaranteed Idols for U.

~ on the normal base gacha there's Haru on the Taiki Harukaiser, Domon + Rain on the Taiki God Gundam + Kisarigi

~ and the 30 OMG crystals there's Valentines C.C on Shinkirou.

- Valentines L'arc is a attacker

Edit: we need to wait the event to start TheBigB is possible that we need the pilot part for the themes.

as for the units.

Harukaiser has a pretty impressive broken seishin, it greatly increase attack + increase critical magnifier, and ignore penetrate barriers.

Hyper Mode God Gundam self heals, has attacker Nono skill that increase its attack at each enemy destroyed and go critical increasing on each round, the bad thing is that it has only one hisatsu and cost 4 cores, but ignore barriers.

C.C Shinkirou its good if you plan on maxing her i repeat if you don't plan to raise her to 70 don't bother, if you do plan however, she has two critical increasing command skills, a barrier and generate a core, its also a shooter, the unit itself its the exact same copy of Lelouch one, its just that its C.C piloting it.

we will be getting 20 OMG's, + Hallstar and Mami and Ami pilot parts their themes, a premium ticket, and etc on some hours, you can get to 30 withing the event probably and claim a copy of C.C, and maybe get lucky and get Domon and Hallster along, if you go for the step up, like always a step a day and its already better than the last event its 2 SSRs.

i will probably try a review on the Idols unit latter since everyone got those Smile
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]


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