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Mazinger Z returns! New movie announced!
Just saw it myself, it is a love letter/epilogue to the 70s Mazinger/Great Mazinger. Don't expect much from the plot (like in the original series) but the action is really good along with the updated character/mechanical designs. New character Lisa shined for me at the end, 1st half, not so much though.
Finally got the chance to see this movie in the theater yesterday. It was a limited release in my country and I thought that I wouldn’t get the chance due to this movie being a niche film where the theaters showing it aren’t near where I worked, but I found one.

Regarding the movie

This is a very enjoyable Super Robot movie that serves as a finale for the Toei Mazinger series in a sense since Grendizer wasn’t it but it’s own thing that Kouji happened to star in as a sidekick.

The story is pretty straight forward though it seems a bit deep for Toei Mazinger with it’s pseudo science regarding Photonic Energy and Goragon which I think is an influence from the Mazinger Zero comic.

What I didn’t like right now is the new VA for Kouji and Tetsuya, while I’m pretty sure it’ll grow on me once they debut in SRW and we keep listening to them, right now I find that when they shout the attack name of the weapon, I find their intonation and forcefulness of the shout not as good as the original VA or the one from Mazinkaiser and Shin Mazinger.

Also it actually is a bit annoying with the voice activated weapon shout when does in rapid succession during the fight scenes in this movie with Z and Great. I don’t really think I’ve outgrown it but I think you need to space out the weapon-name shouting for maximum impact if you’re going to keep on using “Rocket Punch, Sazan Cross Knives, Drill Missile, Rocket Punch, Drill Missile, )in rapid succession. Just use it without naming it in that case.

The fighting was a lot briefer than I thought though some parts of it was pretty creative and I know they’re going to put some of the new moves in SRW like the Scrander Cutter used like a sword/axe, the all-weapon fire and so-on. Though I WOULD have like Mizuki Ichiro’s Mazinger Z Opening to play during the Mazinger Musou here. Also I didn’t really care for the ED and wished that they had created new rendition of the Mazinger ED like Bokura no Mazinger Z,etc just to complete the nostalgia feel.

Without a doubt the best scene of the movie for me, though it was spoiled a long time ago by Youtube but I don’t mind, for a SRW fan, is to see the Mazin GO!! Launch sequence where Mazinger Z rises up, Pildering on and then the Jet Scrander Gattai Sequence to a BGM of Z no Theme pretty much makes the movie for me.

Regarding its inevitable inclusion in SRW

We all know that this version of Mazinger will sooner or later come to SRW and not just X-Omega.

I think that it was a conscious decision to use new VA for everyone so that they won’t face the same problem as with the original series where they can’t use it anymore (I’m not too sure what the problem is though the rumors I’ve heard that the original VA Ishimaru decides that he’s too old to voice Kouji and they don’t want to/ can’t use his old voice clips/ ditto goes for Toei’s Getter Robo and Kamiya Akira) or whatever. Also they can do a sequel if things goes well.

Since this version is a continuation of the Toei Mazinger continuity and a movie, they don’t have to do the plot everytime like with Shin Mazinger but they may be able to vary up and maybe tie in with past Toei Mazinger stuff like the Dynamic Movies/ Grendizer and so on so that it won’t be like Shin Mazinger’s outing where you have to fight Dr. Hell almost everytime (except OE)

While the movie gives us Z, Great, Boss, Shiro in a GM like MP Mazinger and maybe the Venus Girls in MP Venus Ace, we don’t get Sayaka and Jun piloting and I wonder if that’s going to be the case going forward if they continue to use just this incarnation of Mazinger. Hopefully, if they try to tie it in with the Toei Mazinger verse, we could have the Infinity Version of Diana Ace for Sayaka if they’re hurting to put a repair unit in but since Jun is pregnant or with a newborn afterward, I’m not seeing them making her a pilot (and she wasn’t that relevant to the plot actionwise anyway)

The story of Goragon and Mazinger Infinity will probably merge well with the likes of Gurenn Lagann, Eva, and of course Getter Robo. I suppose once Mazinger Infinity gets added in a game, we’ll get the event of Infinity mid-game and Z / Great joining since the point of the movie was Z / Kouji coming out of retirement to rescue Great/ Tetsuya and defeat Dr. Hell and then maybe end-game, the Infinity will come back somehow either as a final enemy by Dr. Hell or as a plot device to further or stop whatever the OG plot is.
Quote:Just saw it myself, it is a love letter/epilogue to the 70s Mazinger/Great Mazinger.
Having watched it myself, I agree with this. 200%!
Thumbs up.

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