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Gundam Thunderbolt Second Season
New Cast & PV
Thunderbolt Ep 5 Quick Thoughts:
Am surprised by the number of MSVs appearing in this one. I never read the manga, so I am surprised to see things that pretty much changed what happened in the last days of the One Year War. That said, given what we've known behind the scenes (translation: Vist), it makes sense how is it the Federation had so much resources to make all these Gundams within the One Year time span.

Io was seen as the antagonist in Season 1 whereas Daryl is the protagonist. Now Season 2 has the roles reversed. I expect this season does something that would make Io likeable (he was an absolute bastard in Season 1 that I was happy Daryl beat him).

As for the Atlas, given that this Season is right after the OYW, I don't expect the Atlas to show things that would make it anything superior to the ones from the Gryps Conflict, or even the ones from 0083.
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I literally remember noting of the ending of the first season (i only watched the movie version).
I like that the story is set after the OYW, hopefully this will generate more interest in the post OYW era.
Other then the jazz, I really don't see the appeal to Thunderbolt.
Thunderbolt's plot is REALLY reaching especially for post OYW era in 0080... I'm caught up with the manga, but it gets pretty damn weird with stuff that doesn't even make sense in the context of the post war, like newtype cult monks and resurrecting and brainwashing people....

While the previous Thunderbolt anime the MS tech made sense for the most part, the Atlas Gundam really doesn't belong in the OYW era especially with its design and tech... it seems like something from the Zeta Era. Even the MS from 0080 made sense as they were the limited production with the Zeon variants and the Alex was pretty strong but not that powerful.

One of the things people are going gaga for in Thunderbolt is how dark and edgy it is, but there isn't really much substance with the characters and the writing. Daryl is pretty damn flat with no real motive, while Io is asshole although you can see why given his shitty situation. Aside from a few characters like Io's mechanic friend and one of the Zeon pilots, pretty much everyone in Thunderbolt is a unlikable asshole.

Although Bianca from this season of Thunderbolt is a pretty likable character and is a good and INTERESTING FEMALE pilot, not too often you see that in Gundam.

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