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Gundam Thunderbolt Second Season
New Cast & PV
Thunderbolt Ep 5 Quick Thoughts:
Am surprised by the number of MSVs appearing in this one. I never read the manga, so I am surprised to see things that pretty much changed what happened in the last days of the One Year War. That said, given what we've known behind the scenes (translation: Vist), it makes sense how is it the Federation had so much resources to make all these Gundams within the One Year time span.

Io was seen as the antagonist in Season 1 whereas Daryl is the protagonist. Now Season 2 has the roles reversed. I expect this season does something that would make Io likeable (he was an absolute bastard in Season 1 that I was happy Daryl beat him).

As for the Atlas, given that this Season is right after the OYW, I don't expect the Atlas to show things that would make it anything superior to the ones from the Gryps Conflict, or even the ones from 0083.
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I literally remember noting of the ending of the first season (i only watched the movie version).
I like that the story is set after the OYW, hopefully this will generate more interest in the post OYW era.

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