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What does PLS and the M in the twin menu mean in 2nd OG?
Thanks to the numerous translations and wikis, I`ve pretty much understood almost of all of the game, options, etc. But there are two things that bug me, and I don't know what they are.

The first is that some units have an M bellow then in the twin setup menu. The one that comes to find (that for sure has it) is the Gamraid and Gamraid Blaze. What does this M mean?

The other one that appears way more often is that sometimes when targeting an enemy (red tiles) when the cursor is over the enemy I want to select I get a "Pls/N" where N is a variable number. I'm pretty sure I've seen 5 and 10. So what does that mean?

Thanks for the info.
I haven't played OGs2 yet, but the second one sounds like the Z system where if you surround an enemy unit you get a bonus -- if you have two units around it it's 5, and with all four sides covered it's 10.
Do you mean damage bonus or what type?

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