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The Cancelled 1983 Gundam Hollywood Movie
It's pretty likely you may have heard of this before - basically, it's something that was known to have existed and was mentioned in an interview with Syd Mead a number of years ago, as he was on board to do designs for the film (well before Turn A Gundam, of course). But now here's a new article that goes into further detail, including storyboard snips and the script's first draft.

I've never seen this much detail on it before, so it's all quite fascinating. And pretty weird, even though it's likely changes would've been made had it continued.

I wonder what the Gunfighter and Gungrenadier would've looked like...
Thanks for that.

As for me, i'm not buying into what happened to Recongista, i have a feeling that its similar to when CCA was greenlit while they were broadcasting ZZ, i have a feeling that Tomino struck a deal for a big Hollywood project and thats why he rushed Recongista and didn't finish the 52 episode.
Fascinating stuff. I've never heard of this before.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
"Amaru" sounds weird. haha

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